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New Release from Stevie Woods & L.J. Hamlin

New Releases 9/28/16

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by Stevie Woods
72 pages / 18000 words
ISBN: 978-1-946058-05-8

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After an injury Audin needs the help of a healer and is shocked to discover the one recommended to him is Tener, who he hasn’t seen since their split following an argument a dozen years earlier. Both men have experienced much during their years apart and life has tempered them.

On discovering that Audin’s life is at risk from an implant placed inside him by the authoritarian government department he works for, Tener confesses his involvement with an underground organization fighting to bring down the government. They work together hoping to solve Audin’s problem and in consequence that of others infected by this vicious piece of technology. Can Tener remove the device without killing Audin in the process?

Previously published by Amber Quill Press.

Velvet Claw
by L.J. Hamlin
202 pages / 61000 words
ISBN: 9781-946058-06-5
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Researching and finding cures for illnesses is what Dr. Evan Kidd does best. When he’s asked to help determine what’s making the children of Felis Forest sick, he can’t say no. Evan accepts, and even understands, why Rene has to follow him around town. It’s not every day a human is allowed in the “cat people only” town. But being attracted to someone who doesn’t trust him, much less like him, brings back painful reminders of his past.

Rene has plenty of his own baggage and having to shadow a human—who happens to be a doctor—isn’t helping. Evan challenges all Rene’s preconceived notions about humans and about himself. If they can survive all the obstacles while uncovering the truth, they might just discover they aren’t so different after all.

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