Friday, September 18, 2015

New Release Extra from Charles Payseur, Author of The Assistant's Contraption

The Assistant's Contraption
By Charles Payseur

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Also available in the New Exchange of Power Anthology!

Rascan Mallory and Daniel Friday

Inventors Extraordinaire




A revolution in wonder and delight


Tired after a long week? Looking for a bit of a rest and relaxation? Let THE FRIDAY BOX transport you to a world of sensuous and luxurious pleasure in ways never before imagined. With THE FRIDAY BOX, every weekend begins with adventure.


Not simply a opticon or stereophone craze, THE FRIDAY BOX promises to bring users to peak of satisfaction time and time again. Using patented technology, THE FRIDAY BOX will subdue even the most stubborn of tensions.


Nor is THE FRIDAY BOX content to leave you wanting in other regards. Need a security device for while you're away at work? Set it to "defense mode" and THE FRIDAY BOX is guaranteed to teach any trespasser a lesson they won't soon forget.


Don't get caught with the Monday blues. With THE FRIDAY BOX, every day will feel like the weekend!


Rascan sighed. He wondered how many Friday had printed despite Rascan's protests that they needed a few more months of testing. Not that they hadn't been testing it endlessly since that first time, but this was to be their first joint venture as official partners, and Rascan wanted it perfect.


But Friday had pushed, had declared that he wanted to go ahead with the unveiling at the Continent's Fair, the premier showcase for new inventions and Contraptions. Rascan had thought the matter settled, thought that Friday had agreed to wait, but the flyers told a different story. What if they weren't ready? What if they revealed the Friday Box and no one cared? Rascan crumpled the paper and rushed back to the main show room, back to where Friday was to be manning their table with a collection of their work.


When he cleared the hallways and arrived in the great sprawling show room, though, he was met by a press of people, everyone crowded forward, preventing him from moving.


"Hell and damnation, what's the meaning of this?" Rascan muttered, panic striking him. There was still time to convince Friday not to proceed, surely, but only if he hurried.


"Clear a way, will you?" he said, shoving his way through, toward his table, but the crowd only grew more hostile, more dense.


"Quit pushing," came a voice from around him, but Rascan kept going, body sliding between annoyed fair-goers.


"Wait in line like everybody else," came another voice, and Rascan wanted to growl. A line? For what? What had everyone so excited that they were nearly mobbing the main floor? Rascan made a final push and came through the crowd, within sight of his table, which was…which was completely swamped with even more people, Friday standing there, grin on his face, as he spoke to person after person.


Rascan paused, looked back at the crowd he had passed through. They all seemed to be waiting in the same line, the one that started at their table, at Friday's grin. And each of them seemed to be clasping in their hands a familiar flyer.


Looking back at the table, at Friday, Rascan couldn't help but warm, thinking of the orders that Friday seemed to be signing out as fast as he could, at the hundreds of people waiting in line. At the ways they would find to celebrate. He smiled, suddenly not sure what he had been so worried about. It was perfect.


"Rascan," came Friday's voice from the table, and Rascan looked to see his lover and partner waving him over, a man in a very expensive-looking coat beside him, looking like he could bleed money. Rascan waved back, straightened his clothes, and walked over. If the Friday Box was such a success, just wait until they all got to see the new Contraptions he and Friday had been working on...

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