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Anniversary Kick-Off Sale!

September starts the month for the 9th Anniversary of Torquere Press!  The 9th anniversary traditional gift is leather!  Well leather is something near and dear to our hearts here at Torquere Press.

So we are having a anniversary kick-off sale.  Just put 'annivkick' in the coupon code box any time you check out at Torquere Books before Monday at midnight to get 20% off your order.

Sale good now through Monday, September 3rd at Midnight (est).

Stock up on books from Torquere Press today.

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

New Release Day

Today we have two Novellas and two Sips for you.


Lane’s Loss of Innocence: Cuffs and More 2 by Dakota Dawn

Perry and Lane from Cuff and More are back and taking the plunge -- they're moving in together. When Lane disobeys Perry and delivers some of his wares to a customer at home, Perry is angry and disappointed. Those emotions turn to fear when he hears terrible screams coming from the house of Lane's customer.

Can he save both Lane and their relationship? Or have outside forces pulled them apart for good?

The Briar Rose: Hoarse Play by Sean Michael

Having moved out east, Matt and Adam have renovated the big old house they bought, turning it into The Briar Rose, a BDSM B&B. With Adam's experience as a professional sub and Matt's patience and knowledge, they hope to help other couples find their way in the BDSM lifestyle.

Their first guests are Jackson and Burger, a well-known singer and his manager. The couple are not exactly what Adam and Matt expect, but they do what they can to help the other men learn to communicate and find trust.

Singer Jackson has just had an operation on his vocal chords and has been ordered not to speak for at least two weeks, something he's having a hard time doing. Burger brings Jackson to the Briar Rose in the hopes of not only keeping the singer resting and quiet, but in rekindling their on-again-off-again love affair and making it on-again, permanently. Can they find what they need at The Briar Rose?

Matt and Adam first appeared in Sold, a Hammer novel, and are the foundation for the new Briar Rose series by Sean Michael.

Short Stories:

Brotherly Love by DC Juris
Frankie has been in love with his twin, Jacob, for as long as he can remember, but he's pushed those feelings aside. What kind of man lusts after his brother, after all? When he discovers a story about twins loving one another, those old feelings rear up, and he has to say something. But how will Jacob take the news? Will they find their happily ever after together, in each other's arms, or has Frankie just ruined everything?

Rockin’ Headboard by Jamie Lowe

Harper and his boyfriend, Max, are excited to have a brand new headboard. But in the process of trying to break the headboard in, they both end up with injuries that threaten to kill the mood. It will take a lot of stubbornness to keep their enthusiasm with bumps and bruises.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Sneaking in to announce draw result

For my weekend giveaway of a pdf copy of Moon Shadows, the winner is . . .



Congratulations. I'll be emailing your prize to you soon. To all commenters, thanks so much for your interest and your kind words!

Neena Jaydon

Meme Monday: Verbal Communications

What is the last thing you said verbally to someone?

Mine was "Yeah, I'm fine...he just stepped on my nipple..."

In explanation...the pug walked across me in the recliner and managed to stop on my nipple.

Coming This Week

Coming on Wednesday:

Brotherly Love by DC Juris (Short Story, M/M)
Lane's Loss of Innocence: Cuffs and More 2 by Dakota Dawn (Novella, M/M)
Rockin' Headboard by Jamie Lowe (Short Story, M/M)
The Briar Rose: Hoarse Play by Sean Michael (Novella, M/M)

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Good Morning

Greetings folks! I've taken over the blog today to talk a little bit about some shiny new stuff going on. First off, congratulations to Elf, who won that copy of The Night Shift. Second, the long awaited debut of the FU Scarf from The Hanged Man's Ghost, has finally happened! To much fanfare and excitement I must say.

Recently we've seen the release of It Happened in Buenos Aires which is a romp of a short story with Sebastien and Bones helping out another Watchman in Argentina.

Sebastien and Bones are back for a little vacation/crocodile hunt in Argentina at the request of fellow Grave Watcher, Alejandro. What should have been an easy afternoon turns into a night time chase for the legendary chupacabra. All Sebastien really wanted was a quiet afternoon in his hotel room and some ice cream, but when the gods ask you for something, it’s best to comply.

Well, doesn't that sound like it's going to be both fun and a pain in Sebastien's ass? Poor Sebastien, I just love putting him in situations that cause him stress.

And now I must be off, because there is a picnic full of men in waistcoats that requires my immediate attendance.


Friday, August 24, 2012

Weekend giveaway of Moon Shadows

Thanks for dropping by the blog today. Before I go, I'd like to announce that I'll be giving a free PDF copy of Moon Shadows to a randomly selected commenter. Comments on my entries here between Friday, August 24th and Sunday, August 26th at midnight PDT are eligible for the draw.
Now, about Moon Shadows:

Nerdy werewolf Theo and preppy dog trainer Max are accidentally brought together by the mysterious appearance of malevolent spirits in their quiet northern town. More than unruly spirits are unleashed as Theo and Max discover that they have secrets and desires in common. 

Read an excerpt here.

Buy a copy here

Also, my first book, Storms and Stars, is part of a weekly special. Get it for 20% off! 

Have a great weekend, all!



Why am I talking about dogs for a werewolf book? Well, in part because Moon Shadows features a werewolf and a dog trainer. Also, dogs are awesome.

A fair number of dogs have come and go in my life, but there are some who are particularly special.

My first dog was a Shih-Tzu/Maltese cross. He wasn't very trainable. He was demanding, and he liked to start trouble. We lived on a small farm at the time and he thought it was amusing to charge down the driveway at the neighbour's dog, then stop and watch as our other dogs blithely blasted past and did the actual confronting-the-intruder part. But he was also the kind of dog who could sense from across the house when I was upset and would come hang out with me. Anybody who met this dog remembered him for a huge personality in a tiny body. And true to his my-pace personality, when he went, it was taking a nap in a shady spot on a lovely sunny afternoon. We should all get that ending.

My first purebred dog was a whippet. Whippets remain my favourite breed. Their sleek athleticism and extreme napping abilities suit me perfectly. I actually prefer a dog who doesn't need to be at my side constantly, so sighthounds suit me well. My whippet wasn't particularly bright. He would stand on your lap when he wanted something, but as this was his signal for every single thing he wanted, it didn't work particularly well as a communication tool. He loved car rides so much that he'd leap into a stranger's car if the door was open! Once he'd learned the benefits of dog sweaters, he hated to be without one. When his was in the wash, he'd pace in front of the machine until it was done . . .

I don't own a dog myself these days, but I live in a house that has three dogs and two cats. The dogs are a Shepherd/Lab cross, a Basenji/something cross, and a Shih Tzu, so it's a selection of extra-large, medium, and small. The Basenji cross is a very special fellow. He's incredibly willing and trainable, often picking up what you want just from context. He loves people and attention, so he makes friends wherever he goes. And because of the Basenji in the mix, he yodels. Oh, and he's taught the Shih Tzu to howl. There are few things funnier than a howling Shih Tzu!

As I mentioned, I'm a sighthound fan; that's why there's a greyhound in the book. What breeds do you like best?

Twice as Nice

Hi, everybody! I'm Neena Jaydon, and I'll be hanging out with you on the blog today.

If you'd told me a couple of years ago that my first two published books would come out in the same year, I wouldn't have believed you. 2012 has definitely been a bit of a whirlwind for me! The latest release that has me spinning (in a good way) is Moon Shadows, which came out this week.

In honour of its release, here are some fun facts about Moon Shadows.

1. Fort Rivers does not exist. It is a fictional version of a small city in northern British Columbia. I had fun making up something similar to where I live, but definitely an alternate universe.

2. I tend to be drawn to writing about characters who are not like me, but Theo probably has more of me in him than anyone I've written before. Interestingly, at times I got mad at him . . .

3. The events in the book happen in 2012. In fact, the story itself starts today!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Review Round-Up

Enjoy the latest Review Round-Up. Please let me know if you have any reviews that aren't listed below.

Hearts on Fire Reviews

A Browneyed Handsome Man by DC Juris
Puppy Love by Sean Michael
Paper Cranes by Syd McGinley
Feeling Safe by Vic Winter
Vulnerability by A.R. Moler
Go with the Flow by Jane Davitt
Fair Puckled by Bella Leone
Birds of a Feather Sophia Beaumont
A Recondite Matter by G.S. Wiley

Brief Encounters Reviews

Ame by Missouri Dalton
Vulnerability by A.R. Moler
Going Steady by Vic Winter
The New Guy, a Roughstock story by BA Tortuga
Birds of a Feather by Sophia Beaumont
Dragon Soul by JB McDonald
Lost in my Waking Dream by Charlie Cochet
Ramping Up, a Personal Best Story by Sean Michael

Literary Nymphs Reviews

What Evil Lurks in the Hearts of Men by Mychael Black
A is for Andy by Sean Michael


Connections (Courting) by J. Rocci
Loose Snow by Julia Talbot
Let It Snow by Vic Winter
Daddy, Daddy and Me by Sean Michael

The Readers Round Table

Silent One by Kari Jo Spear

Confessions from Romaholics

Snow Day by Juniper Grey
The Librarian and the Porn Star by C.C. Bridges
The Amethyst Cat Caper by Charlie Cochet
Spoken from the Heart from Jane Davitt

MM Good Book Reviews

Hot Austin Nights by Kate Roman

Joyfully Reviewed

Solitary by Sean Michael

Rainbow Book Reviews

A Brown Eyed Handsome Man by DC Juris
Turquoise (Night and Day 2) by Chris Owen
Jasmine (Night and Day) by Chris Owen
Feeling Safe by Vic Winter
Ramping Up, a Going for the Gold Story by Sean Michael
The White City by Julia Talbot

Sensual by Elisa Rolle

The Night Shift by Missouri Dalton

Elisa Rolle

Fair Catch by Del Darcy

The Armchair Reader

Ame by Missouri Dalton

Coffee Time Romance & More

Chasing Shadows by Jez Morrow

On Sale This Week

Today we have books by Neena Jaydon and Berengaria Brown, as well as werewolf books, on sale for 20% off.

Check them out!

New Releases for August 22

Moon Shadows by Neena Jaydon

Not every werewolf is leader of the pack. Theo Dimitriadis, games tester by profession and werewolf by nature, has built himself a quiet life. But he puts himself into the public spotlight after he pulls Anastasia Shevchenko out of a river. This brings him to the attention of Max, Anastasia's brother. Max is a dog trainer who, like Theo, has a family secret. He's a medium, able to communicate with ghosts and spirits.

When life-draining shadow spirits appear in Fort Rivers, Theo and Max take action together. Max starts wanting the gorgeous man he sees hidden behind Theo's shyness. The more Theo retreats from his attention, the more Max goes on the chase. Theo loves to submit but fears that he'll give up too much control to Max. They struggle to understand each other even as they zero in on the shadow spirits. But before they can reconcile their differences, an even darker threat comes along, intent on harming more than their relationship. If Theo and Max want to be together, first they have to get through this supernatural battle intact! 

Pick up your copy today!

A Fighting Chance by Andi Penn

Getting beaten up just to get the attention of a guy you’re into might seem a little on the extreme side, but it works for Tazer. Split lips and black are eyes are good enough to interrupt his dates with the added bonus of convincing Owen to patch him up. It might hurt, but if he can just convince Owen to give him a chance, then it’s worth every single scrape and bruise.

Get your copy today!

At the Library by Spencer Rook

With his grades slipping, Liam gets one chance to do some extra credit.  Unfortunately, he does what he's done for the rest of the semester; he procrastinates. Who can blame him? He has no desire to go to the creepy university library and hunch over a bunch of dusty books.

After he meets the guy that works the nightshift, though, Liam discovers that the library might have more to offer than books.

Pick up your copy today!

Stubborn Attraction by Berengaria Brown

Laid off for ramming her knee into a co-worker's balls after he tries to feel her up, lesbian Jaelle heads to her father's cabin in the mountains. There, she takes the form of a mountain goat and climbs, free and uninhibited.

So, what happens when she finds a very attractive interloper on her favorite rock ledge?

Find out today!

When a lesbian shapeshifter loses her job


“Stubborn Attraction” blurb:

Laid off for ramming her knee into a co-worker's balls after he tries to feel her up, lesbian Jaelle heads to her father's cabin in the mountains. There, she takes the form of a mountain goat and climbs, free and uninhibited.

So, what happens when she finds a very attractive interloper on her favorite rock ledge?

Chapter One

"Damn it, damn it, damn it to fucking goddamn hell!" Jaelle packed her suitcase by the simple means of upending her underwear drawer into the open case, then threw jeans and sweaters on top of the lingerie.

She stomped into the bathroom, still swearing loudly, and tipped the contents of her make-up and medications drawer into a plastic bag, which she tied shut, then threw across the room into the suitcase, before stomping into the kitchen.

Grabbing two big, black trash bags, she placed one inside the other then took her few items of food out of the refrigerator, collected the dozen packets and cans of food from the pantry, slung everything into the trash bag, and placed it by the back door.

Her purse, her laptop, a handful of paperback romances off the shelf, and the photo of her family from beside her bed, and she was packed.

"Why can't men understand some women are happy without a man in their life? Wait on a man hand and foot after a hard day at work? Hell no! I’ve never wanted and never needed a man." Jaelle kicked the door open, laptop and purse over her shoulder, suitcase in one hand and trash bag in the other.

The suitcase fit in the trunk of her small car, the laptop and purse she put on the passenger seat beside her, and the food bag in the backseat. "Thank God I travel light," she murmured as she pulled out of the parking lot and headed for the interstate and the hill country.

Only an hour out of town, up a winding dirt road in the hills, was the tiny cabin her father had owned. She made sure all the utilities and other charges were always paid on this place because it was the closest thing she had to a real home now. She'd loved her dad, and knew he loved her, but he was totally incapable of remaining faithful to any one woman, not even the one he'd married -- her mother.

"He's a randy old goat, your father," Mom had always said, with a secret smile. Jaelle hadn't really understood what she'd meant until the day her teenaged self and her mom had gotten into a flaming row, and in the middle of screaming her chest had tightened intolerably, her vision had gone blurry, her head had pounded -- and she'd turned into a mountain goat.

She'd been standing there, shivering, wobbling on four thin legs, and staring down at her long brownish-blonde fur, when her mom had wrapped warm arms around her and said, "Oh dear! You are truly your father's daughter. I'll phone him straight away, honey, so he can help you through this."

Jaelle smiled as she drove. Yeah, maybe Dad hadn't been the most faithful of men, but he sure as hell was a wonderful father for a girl struggling with the knowledge that she was a shapeshifter. And not something cool and trendy like a wolf or a big cat, but a freaking mountain goat. Goats ran fast, were highly intelligent, adapted quickly to changes, and had a mighty fine sex life. Jaelle snorted. Her folks hadn't even blinked when she'd told them she was gay. I guess once they'd accepted their child really was a "kid" in every sense of the word, sexual orientation was a pretty minor attribute. Whatever, they'd just continued to love her for herself.

This story was previously published in the “Lusty Wenches” anthology.

Berengaria Brown

Monday, August 20, 2012

Coming this Week

Coming out on Wednesday:

A Fighting Chance by Andi Penn (Novella, M/M)
At the Library by Spencer Rook (Short Story, M/M)
Moon Shadows by Neena Jayson (Novel, M/M)
Stubborn Attraction by Berengaria Brown (Short Story, F/F)

Meme Monday: Fuzzy Stuff

What was the last fuzzy thing you rubbed against?

Sunday, August 19, 2012

See It, Hear It, Write It

One of the hardest questions for authors to answer, I think, is the question of where ideas come from. For me, it happens in a different way for every project I get involved in!

I'm working on a fantasy novel now that germinated from a mental image I had nearly ten years ago, of a man walking through a field of tall grass. That was all I had for a long time -- a young man in medieval looking clothing, walking. Where he was going and why took a long time to become clear. (Hopefully someday I'll finish that one!)

Often, my initial idea for a story is a visual scene like that.

If I'm very lucky, it's a scene that comes into my mind of people talking -- like a couple of characters I am overhearing in a restaurant, and then I can fill the lives around and extending out from that conversation.

Some writers start with idea or theme. I can't think of a single time that's happened to me. Usually my ideas or story buds are characters, or visuals. If I'm really lucky, if I'm really in the zone, I can just transcribe the movie playing in my head, and the writing seems effortless.

If I'm not so lucky, I have to listen really hard, use music to set a mood, or return to movies and TV shows and books and paintings for indirect inspiration.

But probably because I love romance best, and romance is a very character-driven genre, I see and hear the characters first -- people, in a certain setting, doing something. That's where my imagination seems to be happiest -- in the visual.

Theme, moral, tone -- all that brings up the rear for me. Even sometimes not coming clear until the third or fourth edit! But I've learned not to fight the process. I simply go with what works.

Where do your ideas take shape?

Friday, August 17, 2012

Back to School Sale!

It's that time of year again! Whether you're going back to school yourself or sending people there, it's time to stock up on books! Just put 'bts2012' in the coupon code box any time you check out at Torquere Books before Monday at midnight to get 15% off your order.

Sale good now through Monday August 20 at Midnight (est).

Stock up on books from Torquere Press today.

Discount codes are provided as a courtesy to our customers. Torquere Press Inc. cannot be responsible for discounting purchases made before coupons/sales are announced, and cannot issue discounts to customers who fail to use the coupon or discount code during the purchase process.

Finding research

Doing your research

I was lucky enough a few weeks back to go to the Authors After Dark conference in New Orleans. While I was there, I was also lucky enough to meet some amazing authors, such as Damon Suede, Andrew Grey and Sophie Oak, among many others. There were great book bloggers and reviewers, such as Joy from Joyfully Reviewed, Mamakitty, and Mantastic Fiction's lovely sister, who was super-enthusiastic.

One thing I got feedback-wise from these folks, as well as the readers I was lucky enough to chat with, was that people were missing my smokejumpers. If you know my writing at all, you're familiar with Jumping Into Things, which is a double novella about smokejumpers and pilots, Army guys and ciphers. Jed and Eli were some of my first published boys, and I adore them. While they're happily settled, and I know I have no more of their stories to tell, I got the idea for a new book set in the same area in the same profession. It's an ego trip to have folks tell you they love how obvious it was you did your research, and God knows I love to poke at smokejumper FAQs.

As soon as I let those horses run, I had a story. I can't type fast enough to keep up with it. Stirling and Dan, so far, are hot and funny, and I have a feeling they have the potential to get angsty here soon.

This is why I travel, y'all. Why I go to cons. You never know where the iron will be hot, or where inspiration will come from. I'm so tickled to be wallowing in Western Colorado again, too, where I get to indulge my love for mountains and canyons. Western Colorado is like an itch, and I try to scratch it once a year, at least. Right now it would be rocking to go, because it's August in Texas, and man, no one wants to be here.

So, anyway, if you want to check out the smokejumper boys, go here

It will so hook you up.



Thursday, August 16, 2012

Tell me what Hammer Kink you want!

With the Hammer Club, there is all manner of kink that can be represented. My question to you is, what kink would you love to see a member of the Hammer Club have?

You never know, it just might inspire a new character!

Sean Michael
smut fixes everything

Gift Certificate Winner

Only a week or so late...

Congrats to Tracy Faul, winner of a $5 Torquere gift certificate. Please email me at seanmichaelwrites @ gmail . com (without the spaces) and let me know what addy to send your gift certificate to.

Sean Michael
smut fixes everything

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

On Sale This Week

This week we have books on sale by Missouri Dalton, Jenna Jones, DC Juris, and Glyn Soitino.for 20% off.

Check them out!

New Releases for August 15

Cartography for Beginners by Jenna Jones

At the age of fifty-one, Leo Bellamy from Chiaroscuro and Something Beautiful has to do what he never expected: start over. Leo has been mourning the end of his long-time relationship for over a year. It takes the death of a close friend to convince Leo that he doesn't want to spend the rest of his life being bitter. It's time to move on and find a love that will last. Leo accepts his friend Stuart Huntsman's invitation to visit him in London, where Leo's friends hope he will find a holiday romance that will kick start that "moving on" business.

Meantime, Stuart has been tentatively rebuilding his relationship with his estranged children. For twenty years Stuart thought his children were better off with him, and it's a shock to learn they don't feel the same way. Stuart doesn't think he's good for anyone -- and certainly not for Leo, even if he and Leo call each other daily and Stuart is always a welcome guest in Leo's home.

There's no road map to true love and it's easy to get lost along the way. But with patience and understanding, Stuart and Leo may find their way to each other.

Pick up your copy today!

Raine Fall by DC Juris

Vance, Andrew, and Raine are back! We met this sexy trio in "Where He Belongs," but now we get to find out how it all started. Raine's world is turned upside down when his sister, Lilly, dies unexpectedly. She's left him the Dew Drop Inn, and everything seems very cut and dry - he'll sell the place and return to his calm, uncomplicated life. But his former lover, Vance, and Vance's saucy sub, Andrew, have other ideas, and when Vance makes a counter offer, Raine is left wondering what the right thing to do really is. Is everything he's worked for worth it without love? Can two powerful Doms even coexist under the same roof?

Find out today!

It Happened in Buenos Aires, a Grave Watchers story by Missouri Dalton

Sebastien and Bones are back for a little vacation/crocodile hunt in Argentina at the request of fellow Grave Watcher, Alejandro. What should have been an easy afternoon turns into a night time chase for the legendary chupacabra. All Sebastien really wanted was a quiet afternoon in his hotel room and some ice cream, but when the gods ask you for something, it’s best to comply.

Get your copy today!

Knight in Shiny Leathers by Glyn Soitino

When Chris is rescued from a mugger by a tall, dark stranger on a motorbike, the last thing he expects is to be asked out on a date. Though emotionally fragile from having suffered failed relationships in the past, Chris feels an immediate rapport with Paul. Maybe, this time, his luck has changed.

Yet seeing is believing, and what Chris sees a few days later convinces him to call it off with Paul. But what did he really see? Whatever the truth of the matter, Paul is not the kind of guy to take no for an answer…

Pick up your copy today!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Silk and Linen

Silk and linen - the fibers of luxury.  Smooth as silk, and as soft as linen - these are descriptions of sensuality.  In my last couple posts, I've talked about The Sensuality of Hair and Teeka’s Special Hair Tea Blend.  Today, I thought we'd talk about silk and linen.

I'm sure that if you have long hair, or short hair, or a lover with either one, you've used a large towel to towel dry your hair. Today we're going to throw a wrench in that whole plan.  Instead of using your big, fluffy, cotton towel, why not try using a beauty secret known since the time of the Pharaohs in Ancient Egypt?

First get about a yard of linen and a yard of silk fabric. You can find them at your local fabric store, and remember to check the remnant room for bargains.  If you don't live near a good fabric warehouse, try Vogue Fabrics.

Next, brush your hair as we discussed last time.  Then wash your hair gently and rinse with clean water.  Use the linen square to squeeze the excess water out of your hair, starting at the roots and moving to the tips.

Once your hair is try, brush it again. Then, using the silk cloth, bend over at the waist and buff your hair from the roots to the tips. The natural fibers of the silk will impart their sheen to your hair.  Very simple, yes? Try it and see.

Do you have a special beauty routine that you love? Tell me in the comments, I'd love to know.

“It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.”
- E.E. Cummings

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Monday, August 13, 2012

Coming This Week

Coming on Wednesday:

Cartography for Beginners by Jenna Jones (Novel, M/M)
It Happened in Buenos Aires by Missouri Dalton (Short Story, M/M)
Knight in Shiny Leathers by Glyn Soitino (Short Story, M/M)
Raine Fall by DC Juris (Novella, M/M/M)

Meme Monday: Toys

What are your favorite toys to have when playing with your partner or self?

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Going for the Gold

Eight years ago I was watching the Olympics and was inspired to start a little book about a swimmer and his coach. Well, Mike and Jessy's first book took less than three weeks to write, the next two taking a little longer, but definitely going strong the whole time.

There's also a book about a diver:
One about a gymnast:
And even one about a baseball player:

This year I've got another swimmer and coach pair, this time as a part of the Hammer Club world. 

My favorite Olympic moments so far this  year? All of Michael Phelps races and Usain Bolt's 100M win.

Tell me your favorite Olympic moment for a chance to win a $5 Torquere gift certificate. I'll pick a winner Friday evening, so you have until then to comment.

Sean Michael
smut fixes everything

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Author Extra: Ruby: Lost and Found by MD Grimm

Ruby: Lost and Found by MD Grimm

Morgorth is a mage on the planet Karishian. There is little he hates more
than the Stones of Power -- gemstones infused with magick by the first seven
mages ever born. So when a sorcerer gets hold of a major stone, a ruby,
Morgorth has no choice but to go after him. But, to his irritation, he is
not alone. Aishe is a dialen whose tribe was massacred by the sorcerer, and
is now on a mission of vengeance. The attraction is instant between them,
but Morgorth keeps his distance. Because of a traumatic childhood and a
deadly destiny, he has no desire for emotional complications. But Aishe's
very presence challenges Morgorth's resolve. 

Not only does Morgorth begin to admire Aishe's strength and intelligence,
but he begins to see Aishe as a friend. As their hunt continues and their
time together lengthens, their bond deepens, as does Morgorth's fear. If he
becomes the monster that destiny claims he will, will he hurt Aishe? Will he
harm the one person who sees right through him? Who accepts him
wholeheartedly? Determined to not let that happen, Morgorth keeps Aishe at a
distance, but when Aishe is kidnapped by the sorcerer, what will Morgorth do
to get him back?

Find out today:

Author Extra: 

I was nervous. I hated it when I was nervous. But I've never given a gift
before, and what would I do if he didn't like it? But why wouldn't he like

Sighing, I walked into one of my parlors. The fire was blazing in the
hearth, and it was the only light given since it was dark outside. Shadows
danced everywhere as I walked over to the couch where Aishe lay, napping.

I touched his shoulder, and he slowly woke, stretching and sighing
contently. I had to smile. He was so damn beautiful. He opened his bright
green eyes and smiled at me.

"What time is it?" He asked.

"Late," I said vaguely. I decided to get this done very quickly. I sat down
on the edge of the couch and thrust the small bag into his hands. Aishe gave
a puzzled smile as he sat up. He examined the bag which was nearly the color
of his eyes and he fingered the black drawstring.

"Well, thanks Morgorth," he said. "It's beautiful --"

"There's more to it," I said, and I grabbed a large book off the table. A
book that would never be able to fit into that bag. Normally, that is.

I made Aishe hold the bag up, and I stuffed the book inside. It slipped
inside and seemed to vanish. The bag didn't stretch around the book's girth,
it only rounded slightly, no longer looking empty, but not looking full

"What --?" Aishe whispered, his eyes big.

"One of its kind," I said smugly. "Hard piece of magick, too. You can stuff
as much in that bag as you want, and it will always fit. It will never lose
its shape, and it will always be light and carry-able."

Aishe stared at me.

I shrugged. I had done major research on how to accomplish that, and I would
have to "recharge" the bag's crystal, which lay inside it. The crystal acted
like a battery, and I had poured the complicated pieces of magick into it.
The bag would work as long as I kept pumping energy into the crystal.

"It's good on journeys," I said, a little unnerved by Aishe's silence. When
my mate said nothing, I started to fidget.

"I mean, if you don't like it --" I hedged, feeling disappointed.

Aishe surged forward and kissed me hard, gripping the bag in his hand.

"I love it," Aishe said, his eyes naked with adoration. "Thank you."

I grinned, relieved. "You're welcome."

Author Extra: Summer Sizzle by Berengaria Brown

Summer Sizzle by Berengaria Brown

Craig and Seth are both on holiday at Two Waters beach. The lust between
them is instant and fiercely hot. Sex at the beach, in the woods, in the
sauna… When they take a break from having sex, they discover they have many
interests in common and begin to build a relationship outside the bedroom.

Their romance is interrupted when Seth is called back to the school where he
teaches, for a staff meeting about an unexpected school consolidation. Seth
is shattered when he and most of his colleagues find themselves suddenly
unemployed. His well-ordered life has come to a crashing halt, along with
his vacation -- and perhaps his romance.

Get your copy today:

Author Extra:

“Two Waters” Beach is very close to my heart. Anyone who has read my
Torquere birthstone books, “Aquamarine: Courage and Comfort” and “Emerald:
Protecting You”, will notice that “Rocky Point” Beach is quite similar to
“Two Waters”, except that the lake side isn’t mentioned.
The beach is real. The sand bar is real. And yes, what is written about it
has definitely happened! The rocky promontory and cliffs are all real.
The beach has been the scene of some absolutely awesome vacations. It’s no
wonder at all that people like Edmund (“Aquamarine”) and Seth (“Summer
Sizzle”) absolutely insisted on going there for their vacation too.
The beach is a mile-long stretch of pristine sand. The ocean is shallow at
low tide to the sandbar, a couple hundred yards offshore, then very deep the
other side of it. At high tide, it’s a challenging swim out the sandbar, and
even then a short person would still need to remain standing on it. But at
low tide, ah, at low tide or mid-tide the sandbar invites all sorts of
wicked thoughts. And actions.

It seems to be Wednesday, doesn't it?

It started out Wednesday and look at that--it still is!

As it happens, I'm still behind on everything I do. Sorry about that. My little bird, Baker, got tangled up in nylon thread. It was a real mess. It was from, of all things, the tag on his cage covering. His kind of bird--he's a Green Cheek Conure, love to take things apart, especially if there's string involved. Cotton's not so bad since it deteriorates after awhile. It's also much weaker when it frays. Nylon is a different story altogether.

Both of his feet were wrapped in it. It took quite some time to unravel it, and there were a couple of threads we couldn't get off without hurting him. They're beginning to come off, but he's doing some of that, himself.

Back to the book world, I've redone the parts of Rainy Day Lover that I didn't like--but I got stuck on it for a little while. It might sound odd to some folks, but it was hard for me to pick up again because it reminded me so much of my guy.

Anyhow, I'm moving along. I wanted to mention, A Roaming Heart, which is a free read I'm doing on Torquere Press' Happy Hour's Journal. It's only four chapters in now, and I hope I can make it interesting as well as somewhat unpredictable. I'll post the first chapter here--you can let me know if you want the rest, along with a new chapter. Otherwise, I'll keep it for the Journal.

So, here's Chapter 1 of A Roaming Heart:

Lucian Constantinescu smiled down at the old woman tucked beside him, patting the frail hand resting on his forearm. For several minutes, the two stood in silence, an island of calm as parties ebbed and flowed in the rooms behind them.

Time spent with his kirvi--his godmother--was precious to him, not least because he'd had so little of anything that passed for familial love in his lifetime. His people were by necessity nomadic. When he was still very young, his tribe had been unfortunate enough to cross into a disputed area. That mistake of chance had cost the lives of his parents along with the most of his extended family. 

He, as well as the few other survivors, had been held in a camp, ultimately to be scattered among other camps, and fed into various government systems. After he reached his majority, it became Lucian's goal to find the one person he was sure had survived, the closest thing to a grandmother that he could remember. They had been reunited for little more than a year, but it seemed as if he'd always known her. That familiarity was a balm to his soul, especially now.

The sound of a door opening somewhere down the long veranda broke the stillness of velvet darkness. More than one party was reaching its zenith in this exclusive hotel, as evidenced by the raucous music and cheering. The closing of the door cut the noise immediately, but the moment was lost.

"Something is bothering you, my Luca," the old woman observed quietly, her voice clear in spite of the revelers' noise. "Please tell me what is wrong."

Gathering her a little closer, he steered her toward a nearby bench. "It is nothing, truly," he assured her, though his voice was heavy. In her shoes, he wouldn't have believed him either. "It has to do with Mason," he finally confessed.

"Mason?" she queried. "Do you mean the young man who works with you?"

"Yes," he answered simply, keeping his eyes fixed on the night. 

"He is here somewhere," he added, sweeping an arm widely to indicate the luxurious hotel and the parties in progress.


"I expect I'll have to withdrawal from our partnership." He kept his voice low, and miraculously, steady. "Our job is too dangerous to do with my…handicap."

When she didn't respond, he turned, looking into her eyes, allowing her to see the turmoil within. "Ah, my poor Luca," she murmured. "Such pain. Such a heavy burden to carry alone. Are you certain you cannot share it with him?"

He wished he could reveal himself to his partner, but he couldn't. Mason Ford was a ladies' man, and a finer specimen of All-American heterosexuality would be hard to find. 

If the attraction was only about his looks, things would be easier. There were an abundance of attractive, muscular men with caramel colored hair and dark blue eyes, additionally including, no doubt, a firm jaw and full, sensual mouth.

Unfortunately, Mason was also a good man, his insatiable libido notwithstanding. He lived by his convictions, was more than good at his job, was open-minded, and in short, the most endearing man that Lucian had ever loved and hated…or hated to love, as the case may be.

No, his partner couldn't help him here. Luca was on his own.