Tuesday, October 23, 2012

What's Love Got To Do With It?

When I sit down to write a book with BDSM in it, there's one thing that is more important to me than any other element. Well, actually, this one thing is the same when I write BDSM as when I write non-BDSM.


And let's face it, I don't "sit down to write a book with BDSM in it," the characters show up, kinks and needs in tow and I take notes. But one thing they all show up with is love.

For me, if the love isn't there, then the kink isn't really sexy, but I'm bent that way. So to speak ;)

So let's have some fun. I'll name the character, you give me their biggest kink. I'll choose a winner from all the comments tomorrow. Prize is a $10 Torquere Press gift certificate.

Montana from Found, Snared and Owned

Jeremy from Forged

Jim from Bent

Mike from Personal Best (I, II, and III)

Dent from Velvet Need

Denny from Cherry Sours (and the rest of the Hard Candy series)

Sean Michael
smut fixes everything


Kristi P said...

Ooooo...it's a quiz. I'm probably going to get these wrong, but here goes:

Montana - orgasm control/denial
Jeremy - penetration
Jim - impact (spanking)
Mike - breath control
Dent - enema
Denny - Shaving

Love your stories (whether they include kink or not)!

Yvette said...

Montana - orgasm control
Jeremy - penetration
Jim - spanking
Mike - breath controlling
Dent - enema
Denny - shaves
My favorite book so far is Trust!

Loveless3173 said...
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Loveless3173 said...

Aw, I would so like to play but I wouldn't know. I have yet to read this series. I'm waiting... for what, I don't know but I am. LOL!!
Love you're other books though! <3 Hopefully I can read most of this series soon.
Agreed, though. for me a BDSM story is way more intense and utterly sexy when there is love involved too.

xD If I can still enter, please count me in. :D


ChrisMuldoon said...

I agree with the first two commenters, but my first thought for Montana's kink was "being Billy's."