Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Talkin' Kink

Mornin' gang!

*sets out baked goods, juice, coffee, and a heaping pile of bacon*

Kelly Wyre, here, to talk a little kink of the real life and literary varieties today on the first-ever Romance for the Rest of Us BDSM Chat-It-Up day. I'm officially caffeinated, chiropractorally-cracked (blasted back...le sigh), and about as congenial as I get before noon.

My co-author and partner in crime, H.J. Raine, should be here shortly. Together, as some of you know, we write the New Amsterdam Series. BDSM and kink play a large part in those books, and the Lifestyle is definitely something near and dear to our hearts.

A little bit about me and my background in Kinkdom: I've been actively playing with one partner, now, for going on two years. I've been writing fiction that involves the merry clank of chain for better than four years, and I've been doing research and getting involved in Scene for something between five and ten years, depending on what and how you count. Or possibly even longer if you listen to some of my close friends and my tendency to enjoy, shall we say, Creative Decision Making For Others.

I like to say I know exactly enough to understand that I know not much at all. The thing about kink is it's like sex and golf: you never perfect your game. Every play partner is a new experience, ever circumstance is fresh, every time you get to relive the basics, you figure out something else. I'm a huge advocate of using power exchange to help heal wounds and encourage emotional and physical releases (and I ain't talkin' orgasm, here, kids, though that's awfully fun, too), and I believe in bringing positive energy to the bondage table each and every time.

Online, I run a few groups that correspond to the kinkier side of some fandoms, and I've really enjoyed talking to people there about better living through regular beatings. I've counseled a few people through getting their feet wet in Scene, and I've definitely been asked things that I did not feel qualified to answer. *laughs*

So I guess I'm here to take questions/comments, if there are any, and also to, of course, encourage you lot to read the NA series. Raine and I have a goal of incorporating our view (which is, actually, shared by others, thank God) of Scene and how people play into the novels. We don't tout a fantasy-only approach, and we don't ascribe to many of the standard Scene stereotypes, (there is no, LICK MY BOOTS BITCH AND SERVE ME HOWEVER I SEE FIT WITHOUT THE BENEFIT OF NEGOTIATION OR LIMITS AND BE GRATEFUL YOU HORRID WRETCH in our works and there won't be) and, in fact, actively try to break them.

I know my greatest honor is when I get the comment/email/post/response that begins with, "God, I never really read BDSM anything, but I tried yours and liked it!" Yeah...I'll take more of that, please! It's not for everybody, no, but I love it when people find unexpected delight in it. And, even better, when people find ways to get to know themselves through reading about or experiencing power exchange done well.

Anyway, this is where I stop babbling and open up the floor. I'd also like to add that one random commenter/curious question-asker will be selected to receive a free copy of any one of our NEW AMSTERDAM SERIES or, if they prefer, one of our DONATION STORIES.

And yup, since I've been asked, if you get selected and would like to be put on the list for the *next* Donation Story Prize or NA Book, Raine and I can absolutely do that. Thank you for the interest!

*munches bacon*

Aaaand on with the show!

What I do, I do in and for love,


Serani said...

Greetings! *Grabs a bit of bacon and munches* I forgot my breakfast this morning. Not fun to lecture students on an empty stomach. Ahem.

It is horrible, how many *bad* BDSM stories there are out there. I know I, myself, have wanted to throw a few books across the room in my reading life since I started wanting to learn about the Scene and Lifestyle.

I have also been on the surprised end of a comment like you list - where someone read my depiction of Scene and said something along the lines of "I've never read something like this, its so nice to see one that's not ." Most of that has come from my own Mono stories, but I've had it spawn from a few other places, as well.

I love to write about kink in different ways and I have found myself going over and over something I've written to make sure that it does depict the positive side of it. I've had to write two scenes that were very, very wrong and it seriously made me want to crawl into a dark corner and hide, and I *knew* what it was and I *knew* how it was going to turn out (in the end, all would work out just fine - and NOT with that particular person). It took me a while to finish those up - and I agonized over whether to even include them, but in the end, they were necessary and I just had to do my best to make sure that it was OBVIOUS what was wrong and later show more positive examples.

I have thoroughly enjoyed what I've read so far of the NA books and am looking forward to reading more of them, as money allows. :)


Kristi P said...

And I'm so thankful you put so much thought into your work! That's probably one of the best reasons to read the NA series, and I'm so glad ya'll are planning more stories.

Tina said...

I'm interested to know how you do your research????

Kelly Wyre said...

@Serani -- Thank you for the thoughtful comment and for reading the NA Series! I understand about writing scenes that do not go... well. Had to do a few myself to make a horrorific point, and yeah... crawling in dark corner. I sympathize.

@Kristi P - Thank you so much for the support and kindness. Always and very much appreciated. We're thrilled you enjoy the series so much!

@Tina - Some of it is Google Fu, some of it's reading books on kink (there are some excellent reading lists out there), some of it's knowing people in the Scene other than ourselves whom we can ask questions, and some of it's experience. The most useful is definitely talking to people in Scene or reading accounts from individuals who've done what you're writing about.

gigi said...

Love the post! Please count me in. Thanks!

Lin McShane said...

I wanted to drop a HELLO!!!!
I have been following you for about a year now and I love your writing so much. I have read all but the new story. I started by following you on y-gallery and when you said you would not expand on my favorite couple you said to read Hearts Under Fire. So I read it and only became more addicted. Damn you I need more of that wonderful crack(stories) that you make. I have not read anything in a while and I am suffering from withdrawal. When I get some money together I am so buying the new story.
Thanks again for all your hard work!!!! <3

Kelly Wyre said...

@gigi - Thank you so much! We will most definitely could you into the drawing. ♥

@Lin - Why hi there! I *thought* your name was so familiar. *laughs* I'm so glad you decided to read the book and found it enjoyable. We truly and always appreciate the support and are honored that you like the stories. So good to see you here (and on Facebook!)!

Michelle said...

I'm sorry to say that I haven't read any of the New Amsterdam stories yet :( They are however on my wishlist now that I found them :) YAY!
I love finding new authors! Especially when they have a body of work already...And bacon!
I have read good kink, bad kink and in between kink. As I am just discovering the kinky side of myself the last couple years there I'm not even sure if what I think of as bad kink stories actually are yet :) but I love kink stories.
Please count me in...Thank you
Ooooohhh...count me in please! Thank you, chellebee66(at)gmail(dot)com

Kelly Wyre said...

@Michelle - Absolutely! Thank you for adding us to your wishlist! We're honored at the interest. And so glad you've read *good* kink. It is always so lovely to find!

H.J. Raine said...

@Tina Hope you're following this post, but you're the winner of our drawing today! Please give us your email so we can contact you about your prize. You can find me at h.jade.raine(at)gmail.com