Wednesday, October 17, 2012

New Releases: Two Novellas & Three Sips

Crazy in Love
By: Julia Talbot
40 pages / 10300 words
ISBN: 978-1-61040-386-3
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Keaton is kind of a city wolf, in love with his coffee shops and his Wi-Fi. Dakota tries to convince Keaton how dangerous it is to be so close to non-shifters, but it’s not until Keaton is captured and taken to an asylum that he realizes how reckless it is for a werewolf to stay so close to people. Can Dakota rescue his one true love, and convince Keaton he’s not crazy?

Wolf Moon
By: Vic Winter
41 pages / 10900 words
ISBN: 978-1-61040-387-0
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Adam has been waiting for the first full moon after he turned twenty-one since he was fifteen and realized he had the shifter mutation. He's been hanging out with Jef and the Alpha's pack, eager to be shift so he can finally be accepted and have a family and home.
When the night in question arrives, though, Adam's in for a terrible surprise as he shifts into something most certainly not a wolf. Can ranger Chuck and eagle-shifter Tam convince him that he's not only perfect just as he is, but doesn't need wolf-shifters to find his home?

A Hundred Lonely Halloweens
By: Ari McKay

30 pages / 8000 words
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When Micah Harrison bought Delany House, he didn’t suspect that it was haunted – or that the lonely ghost of Richard Delany would be the most appealing man he’d met in a long time. As Micah learns more about Richard, he realizes he’s in danger of falling in love, but he gives in to temptation anyway when Richard offers him the gift of an erotic Halloween encounter. However, Richard’s real gift is not only a night of sensual pleasure, but also a chance for Micah to find the love he’d been looking for and never found.

Digging Without a Shovel
By: Neena Jaydon
20 pages / 5100 words
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When Max Shevchenko sees his partner Theo Dimitriadis's very expensive coffeemaker hit the floor, he knows he's going to have an upset werewolf on his hands. But Theo stays frosty for longer than Max thinks he deserves. There's something else upsetting Theo, and Max can't figure out what it is. During a Halloween party, he risks his dignity to wear a costume designed to turn Theo on. Can a little cosplay seduce the truth from Theo's lips?
Max and Theo first appeared in Moon Shadows

Spell the Coffee
By: Glyn Soitiño
28 pages / 7300 words
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Ash is co-owner of Meadows' Herbal Remedies. Alongside the purely natural products, the shop also sells a range of magical potions. Ash is in love with his assistant, Gary, but hides the fact because he's convinced that he'd never have a chance with someone as perfect as Gary.
Gary, however, idolizes Ash and is desperate for Ash to notice him. After overhearing Ash explain to a customer how the potion Who Do You Love? is meant to be used, Gary decides to take matters into his own hands. But the result is far from what he expected.
Coming Next Week...
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Selling Mars by Rae Gee

Halloween Sips:

The Mercy of Gulls by Tray Ellis
The Witching Hour by Sophia Beaumont
Earth Boys Are Easy by Tam Ames
A Fairy's Tale by G.O. Noce
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Dromos by G. Arden O'Feden

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