Wednesday, October 10, 2012

New Releases Day!

Moon Shine

By: Julia Talbot and BA Tortuga

48 pages/12200 words

ISBN: 978-1-61040-383-2

Jenson expects all sorts of trouble being a moonshine runner, but he never thinks it will come from a werewolf bite. He’s dealing with all that while getting his next shipment ready, and he thinks he’s doing all right until David shows up.
Confused, scared, and hot as hell, David is just the kind of trouble Jenson doesn’t need, and everything he wants. Can he help David figure out who bit them both, and keep his life on track at the same time?

Bone: Slip of the Tongue

By: ID Locke

74 pages/22900 words

ISBN: 978-1-61040-381-8


Ivriah is a Battle Mage specializing in summoning demons to fight for his country, Islafar. He also uses his summoning skills to call male demons to see to his baser needs as same-sex relationships are illegal and ruthlessly punished in Islafar. Incorrect wording in a summons leads to him calling for the Bone Demon, Orajin, instead of the demon intended. While Ivriah finds Orajin very attractive, the fighting demon is far too cheeky for Ivriah’s bedroom tastes.
Orajin is thrilled to finally be called to Ivriah’s bed as he’s been secretly in love with the mage for years. Orajin does his best to show Ivriah that they are very compatible in bed and sets out to prove to the mage that they are perfect for each other. In a sneaky move, Orajin gives Ivriah a bone spur as a “token of affection” that is actually a symbol of engagement among Orajin’s people.
Their developing relationship and Ivriah’s safety and life are threatened when the authorities are alerted to it. Orajin swoops in to the rescue and offers Ivriah a chance to have his heart’s desire if he’s brave enough to take it.

Halloween Sips:
The Lake of Fire
By: GS Wiley

15 pages/4000 words


As a child in a monastery in England at the end of the 10th century, Brother Alric witnessed a Viking attack that killed his abbot and many of his brothers. He thinks he has survived the worst experience possible, but years later, a mysterious illness strikes the nearby village, turning the villagers into flesh-eating monsters. Alric and a fellow monk, Brother Wilfrid, holed up together, are forced to contemplate a horrible death they'd never considered, and come to terms with a secret longing that has remained unspoken.

It’s Like a Party in my Closet
By: G.R. Richards

20 pages/5000 words


Dustin partied for ten years. Now he's ready for a bit of rest and relaxation, farmhouse style.  He never imagined buying a house on his own, but he convinced himself he didn't need a man in his life to settle down.  As soon as Dustin moves into to his big barren home, weird things start to happen.  Is that music he hears in the middle of the night?  And what are those weird lights coming from under his closet door?  Alone in a remote location, Dustin feels susceptible, lonely, even... scared.

When he finally works up the courage to check out the closet of mystery, what he finds inside changes his life forever. 

Happy Halloween, a Night Wars story
By: Missouri Dalton

13 pages/3100 words


Jack’s past has always been something of a question mark, until now. On Halloween, an eighteen-year-old Jack found himself in a world of trouble, and headed straight toward the man who would take him from hustler to cop.
Happy Halloween features a young Jack from the Night Wars books.

A World Away From Here
By: Emily Moreton

16 pages/3700 words


Spirit-talkers have one rule: never make contact with a spirit more than once. Ella's only ever broken it once before, but when she makes contact with Sophie's spirit, the attraction she feels is enough to make her break the rule again. It's stupid to want more from a ghost, but Ella can't quite bring herself to say no. Not even when Sophie tells her what really happened.

Coming Next Week…
Crazy in Love by Julia Talbot

Wolf Moon by Vic Winter

Halloween Sips:

Digging Without a Shovel by Neena Jaydon
A Hundred Lonely Halloweens by Ari McKay
Spell the Coffee by Glyn Soitino

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