Sunday, October 28, 2012

I'm Late

I'm late, I'm late...I'm very very late. Woops. I'll blame it on my birthday festivities and the atrocious weather. What's up in Missouri land lately? Well, for one I'm another year older, so--eh. I recently learned to drive a manual transmission, so--eh.

On to more exciting things. Such as: This month saw the release of Happy Halloween, a short story all about Jack Winchester of The Night Wars series.

Jack’s past has always been something of a question mark, until now. On Halloween, an eighteen-year-old Jack found himself in a world of trouble, and headed straight toward the man who would take him from hustler to cop.

Ooh. Backstory! I love backstories...

Speaking of The Night Wars, and short stories. Fiends in Low Places is now available as a free-read on GR.

Simon Murphy, psychic and former thief is trying to rekindle the romance between himself and his FBI beau, Gabriel. The two of them have gone from being on opposite sides of the law, to the same side, to fighting over cases. At each step they've been drawn closer together and thrown apart over their constant fighting. Can a pizza date fix this mess? Or will the vampire mobsters after Simon ruin any chance Simon has of being with the man he really loves?

And finally, another Night Wars free read is up on my blog. I'll be doing an ongoing monthly/bi-monthly posting of Station House Six.

Wayland, vampire hunter and Night Shift officer, is forced to take on something he never wanted; a partner. With Inspector Mulhaney breathing down his neck, a rotating shift of captains because no one really wants to run a station house full of pale, creepy fellows with garlic breath, Wayland is going to have to find a way to get along with his new partner--or at the very least, not get the guy killed. 

And last, but not least, keep yours out for a special Halloween story coming to the blog on...Halloween, of course. 

Thanks for bearing with me. 



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