Saturday, October 27, 2012

Hello World!

Good morning from a cool and crisp England (just the way I like it!). Hope that you're all well and getting ready for Halloween, or whatever else is happening in your lives. :) Can't believe we're only a few weeks from Christmas. I keep telling myself it's two months (well, just under!). Makes it feel a bit easier to deal with!

I'll be taking over the blogs today and (hopefully) chatting about everything an anything. At some point they'll be chapter one of "Selling Mars" (sequel to Mars on the Rise) and perhaps a competition as well.If you enjoyed "Mars on the Rise", hopefully you'll enjoy "Selling Mars" as well.

Going to go and make a cup of tea so I'll see you all in a while.


Selling Mars is now available from Torquere Press and all good retailers:

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