Monday, October 29, 2012

Coming This Week

Coming on Wednesday:
Fanged Trouble: Halloween Surprise by Winnie Jerome (Short Story, M/M) 
Philippe from “Fuchsia : Fanged Trouble” has his hands full in a romp by Winnie Jerome. His bond-mate is not speaking to him, and he may actually have to learn social media. What's an old-fashioned vampire to do? 

Mystical Convergency by Katherine Halle (Short Story, M/M) 
It's Halloween and Greg and Lane are celebrating with friends.  Lane promises the night will be uneventful, but honestly Greg is hoping for a little bit of action himself, but not the demon kind of action.  Take one horny chef, one demon hunter in serious need of a vacation, add in Halloween and see what brews. 

Nemesis by Mel Spenser (Short Story, M/M) 
Getting to know a great looking guy a little better should be easy; except when there’s a big obstacle that could keep him at arm’s length. 

Oubliette by Giselle Renarde (Short Story, F/F) 
When Miranda and Saba miss the nightly ghost walk at their castle hotel, they stumble upon an injured young woman in period dress.  Who is the mysterious Oubliette? 

Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell by Charlotte Jennings (Short Story, F/F) 
Kate is unsure when Maria asks her along to a Halloween party; drawing attention to herself just isn’t something that appeals to her. Never the less, Kate shows up at the party dressed to impress, but is she about to get a little more than she bargained for?  
The Thirteenth Halloween by Kallysten (Short Story, M/M) 
Twenty years ago, Jim and his wizard lover Thomas parted ways, but they never stopped loving each other and even death will not keep them apart when Thomas finally returns.

You Think You Know Someone by Glyn Soitino (Novellla, M/M) 
Everyone keeps secrets, even from the person they love. But when it comes down to either revealing your secrets or seeing that person die, do you really have a choice?

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