Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Author Extra: It's Like a Party in my Closet by GR Richards

It's Like a Party in my Closet by GR Richards

Dustin partied for ten years. Now he's ready for a bit of rest and relaxation, farmhouse style. He never imagined buying a house on his own, but he convinced himself he didn't need a man in his life to settle down. As soon as Dustin moves into to his big barren home, weird things start to happen. Is that music he hears in the middle of the night? And what are those weird lights coming from under his closet door? Alone in a remote location, Dustin feels susceptible, lonely, even... scared. When he finally works up the courage to check out the closet of mystery, what he finds inside changes his life forever.

Author Extra:

I’m afraid to buy a house.

There are lots of things that keep me renting. First off, houses are expensive. Seriously expensive. And there’s so much you need to know when you’re buying one, about home inspections, closing costs, mortgages. Well, you have to qualify for a mortgage, too. That’s a bit of an iffy topic.

But my number one concern about buying a house? I’m afraid that it’ll be haunted.

Is that silly? Stupid? Paranoid? All of the above? Maybe, but if I buy a haunted house, what am I supposed to do then? Be scared out of my pants for the rest of my life? I guess I could try smudging or exorcisms, but what if nothing worked? What if all my money was going into a house that would never be a home… because it was already someone else’s home?

That’s the situation in which Dustin finds himself in my Halloween Sip “It’s Like a Party in my Closet.” He bought this nice old farmhouse all by himself, so he’s living alone in a remote location, and suddenly he’s hearing noises, seeing weird lights from the bedroom closet. He’s scared to sleep in his own bed.

I’ve never lived in a haunted house, but I love a good ghost story. Enough people out there have experienced paranormal phenomena that there’s no doubt in my mind haunted houses are out there, on the market, just waiting for us to snap them up.

Maybe I’m not the only paranoid one, because my sister’s boss was recently shopping for a new house. He thought he’d found the perfect place until he found out that a boy of fourteen had recently killed himself on the property. The house was perfect in every regard, but my sister’s boss wouldn’t buy it. The likelihood of a haunting was just too high.

See? It’s not just me.

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