Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Addicted to kink

Hi, CB Conwy here! I'd love to talk kink today - and why we read or write it. When I began reading M/M books, I had no idea that I was about to encounter the biggest addiction of my life. The point is that I was reading a lot of "real" literature at the time; I was finishing my Master's in Comparative Literature (and yes, that's one of those fields of study where you insist that there is such a thing as real literature). M/M was about as far away from the world of Flaubert, Mann, and Dostoyevskij that I could come - and I absolutely loved it.

I think it was the instant fix that did it for me. I simply loved the way that I could be sure to get a Happily Ever After as well as a guaranteed emotional release - every single time. "Real" literature gives you that sometimes as well, but not always - and it often comes with a price; the reading might be difficult, and the author insists on all kinds of artistic peculiarities. M/M romance is a lot more generous in terms of emotional fulfillment.

Don't get me wrong; I like all kinds of books, the difficult ones as well. I'm a book critic, and that means that I get to (I almost wrote "have to"; Freudian slip!) read a lot of contemporary literature - and it's great and exciting and interesting. But it seldomly gives me an instant fix.

I've gotten a bit more picky along the way, of course. I demand a lot more from my books today; the story has to be well told, and I like angst. I love angst, in fact:). Oh, and the kink. Jesus, yes, the kink.

I have a varied taste (damn, I didn't manage to write that without blushing) - but my biggest turn-on is the emotional release or even personal growth you can achieve with kink. The actions in themselves are hot; but what they do to people is what really matters to me - whether I'm reading or writing.

So, I'd love to hear your opinion: Why do you read (or write) this wonderfully kinky genre?

And if you'd like to read more, then I have a new story out recently (Happily Ever After), which is all about the emotional side of BDSM. Well, and about the kinky side, too, of course. And about Happily Ever Afters. Or you could go to my website; I've just put another two free stories up: His Something and Of Russian Myth and Lore (last year's charity sip).

I'm looking forward to hearing your opinion!  


Kristi P said...

I'm very addicted to the emotional satisfaction a really good Happily-Ever-After provides!

What comes first, the character or the kink, when you sit down to write a new story?

Why, yes, I have been wanting to ask that...*fangirls can't help being nosy*

CB Conwy said...

I'm so honored to have my very own fangirl:)!

Actually, situations come first for me when I write. I imagine a situation (and yes, it's often kinky...), and then I go along with it, thinking about why the characters are acting like they do and what they would be doing after the scene. If the characters are interesting enough to me (or simply keeps pestering me enough that I can't let them go), then I write them.

At the moment, I'm in between writing - not so much because I haven't got any ideas, but because I have too many! So many sexy men to write, and I simply can't commit. I'm a literary slut...

Anonymous said...

I started reading m/m about a year ago. I love it! I think with typical m/f romance it is all about the "strong" woman which I can respect to a point, but bdsm allows for more freedom of roles. I am a "strong" woman. I am doing it all everyday. The D/s aspect of the m/m bdsm stories allowa so much more "weakness" if you will. I know that subs are not weak at all, so that is probably not the right word, but I LOVE the idea of turning things over to someone else. I don't know if that is what I want in my real world, but I love to read about it in my fantasy world. I probably haven't explained myself well, but I mean no disrespect to anyone. Btw, LOVED mischa and Tom's story. Thank you!

CB Conwy said...

I think I know what you mean; it's something to do with being able to let go of gender stereotypes - at least it is to me. I hate, hate, HATE weak women, and therefore (I know this is wrong, but there you go) I far prefer BDSM with men - simply because the gender roles between a man and a woman are too set. It's far more interesting to explore the dynamics between a same-sex couple.

Oh, and men are hot. Did I mention that they're hot?