Wednesday, September 5, 2012

We'll Show You Ours, So Show Us Yours?

...because a day on the Blogs just isn't complete without a little fun-n-friendly torture, Raine and I decided to type up a list of Ten Things You Didn't Know About Us.

Do note: I typed up Raine's list (so it's my ten things about Raine), and Raine typed up my list, (so it's Raine's ten things about me).

Then we traded...

Much laughter ensued. We adjusted so our formats are the same, but I assure you, all that we initially wrote for the listing is there even after an initial veto-power round.

So now we will share, and we invite you, in the comments, to tell us:

C'mon... sate our curiosity, would you? Be ever-so-kind...

Ten Things You Didn't Know About Raine
(That Kelly is All Too Happy To Share)

1. Appearances, Appearances.
Raine is 5'11" and Asian with a smile like whoa. That's Kelly Code for Hawt.

2. All the better to eat you, m'dear.
Raine is an amazing cook. Loves food, loves feeding people. There's even a bumper sticker on the fridge: "Love people. Feed them good food."

3. Spit-Take Worthy
Despite the calm, soothing voice and the mild-mannered persona, occasionally Raine will come out with something that makes you spit-snort your beverage of choice and spend the next ten minutes extracting details. My favorite one that I love to tease Raine about has got to be...

"Well, the time *I* planned that gang-bang for a friend of mine..."

4. Oh, yeah: GENIUS IS HOT.
Raine's brain would make you cower. I do not exaggerate. In a former life, Raine was involved in hardware, software, making-the-internet-work-ware. Masters in Electrical Engineering, anyone? Cal-Tech Grad? Mind capable of leaping tall, intricate problems in a single-solving bound?

Oh yes. And THEN some.

5. Meanwhile... on another planet...
Much like myself, romance was not Raine's first forte. Raine has a series in the works loosely titled, "Misfit Toys" that now hooks up with the books Raine and I are doing in the Evantide & Li world (more information at some point in the sooner-rather-than-later future. They're Sci-Fi Save the World, and the characters are astounding.

6. Educated Guessing
If I had to guess, I'd say that Raine's favorite character of hers to write in the New Amsterdam world is Kris Fawkes. And I'd say her least favorite is (or, perhaps I should say, the Most Challenging Award Goes To) Joe Smith, a Catholic gone rogue who will be making an appearance in an incoming New Amsterdam novel.

7. Misty Water Colored Memories...
Raine and I met on a website housing male-male fiction and art. I actually read some of Raine's work with another writing partner, and I was so fascinated and intimidated (I know, right? Hard to imagine, but go with me here) that I didn't really comment on anything, much. When I did, Raine was exceedingly gracious and kind.

Fast-forward a full year later, and Raine meanders into my neck of the woods and leaves a comment on one of MY stories. We struck up a conversation that led to private messages that soon got long enough to carry out in email that jumped over to live chat... and the next thing you know, I'm explaining New Amsterdam and we're role playing Clark and Daniel...

8. Don't Feed the Raine Beast
Raine fences, is no stranger to the shooting range, enjoys self-defense and martial arts, and has a very giddy yet polite friendship with extreme violence. These are some of the many reasons to adore Raine... and to remember your please and freakin' thank yous.

9. Nothing Mightier Than the Pen
Raine's got a thing for fountain pens. It's like Raine's porn, really.

10. Raine is to Knitting What Shakespeare is to Literature
When Raine said to me, "I like to knit" I had this image in my mind of bad scarves, right? The sort of thing that *I* would put together, talentless textile hack that I am.

So when I visited Raine and got wrapped up in a black cloud of lacey, silken-softer-than-cashmere goodness, and Raine tells me, "It's a throw I knitted in a couple of years," I threw out everything I'd ever known about "knitting" and have since used the phrase, "Textile Artistic Brilliance" to describe what Raine can do with wool, yarn, and knitting needles. I am convinced that Raine-made socks will save the world.

...and a bonus one, 'cause I cheat and Raine should expect this by now: Raine's an amazing listener, a fantastic work partner, an incredible author, and my best friend.

Raine's List of Ten Things You Didn't Know About Kelly
1. Favorite drink is New Amsterdam Gin and Tonic
And I now have a whole fifth of gin in my cabinet. I was as astonished as she was that there was actually a gin named with the same name as our series name and central city. Of course, the name was one of the alternative names for New York so perhaps not as uncommon as I might have thought.

2. Hates peas with a passion
It's actually rather adorable, how much she hates them. And it's actually really fun to not serve them to her, just for the reaction.

3. Sharpies and Post-it Notes make her very happy.
I have to admit that I do like how easy it is to make her happy with these kinds of things, and she uses them all the time. I love that it's reflected, a little, in the kinds of pens some of her characters use. It was fun that the same year I sent her the lace shawl, I also sent her Post-Its and she loved them all.

4. Has run naked in the rain.
She has much bigger balls than me. *grins*

5. The fire loves her, and burns much brighter when its touching her skin
I have this thing about fire play, and I remember on one of her visits, when I showed her some of the rudimentary techniques for it, she was fascinated and adored being able to stroke the flames along her skin. One of my fondest memories was watching the flames on the torch go higher with her, and when she touched it to my skin, the fire went out.

6. Feels that ice cream can solve a host of ills.
And she's right.

7. Wakes up five minutes before any alarm
That whole punctuality thing kind of missed me, and I am grateful for her ability to wrangle order and time out of nearly any situation.

8. Has the most beautifully colored hair in gorgeous blues, purples, reds... whatever mood takes her I love seeing what she and her hairdresser have come up with next.

9. Great at power washing
She recently got a power washer for the outside of her house, and I was impressed that she seemed to have a blast with that messy, hard work. Love that she just does it.

10. Can walk into any room and everyone in it starts to do exactly as she wishes.
It's like magic, really. I'm always amazed by how quickly everyone lines up to her will. Very very useful in all kinds of situations.

And I'll cheerfully add that I love working with her, especially with the passion she always holds for the characters, the Truth behind the story, and the way she wants us to do the best we can do. Thank you, dearest.

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