Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Bear Facts

Next week Cereus Opening will be released. This is the sequel to Cereus Building and my story in it is The Bear Facts.

This is the story of Nuk, a polar bear shifter, and Alain, IT at the resort who also happens to be a magician. Nuk only comes down from his Arctic Circle home once every few years to indulge in his baser needs and this year he's trying out Cereus, where he meets Al and is immediately smitten.

This'll be available on September 19!

Sean Michael
smut fixes everything


Lucia said...

Looking forward to this release! Cereus Building had great characters :)

Anonymous said...

Counting down till release day! loved the first book

buttononthetop said...

Oh wonderful! Good lord, my "to be read" list is gonna explode if y'all keep this up! :D (keep it up, keep it up *grin*)