Wednesday, September 5, 2012

New Releases for September 5

Man of the Cave Bear by Kate Roman

To attain manhood with his clan, Taran hunts a savage, one of the fearsome bear-like beasts inhabiting the mountains above his home. From infancy, Taran’s been taught to fear and hate them, but Taran’s savage, Roke, has other ideas, and after a night of passion, Taran cannot bring himself to kill his new companion. Instead he returns to his clan with a lie on his lips and an ache in his heart. But when the clan discovers Roke near their village, they take to the warpath. Torn between his clan and his heart, will Taran leave everything he’s known for a love he could never have imagined?

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Shot in the Dark by H.J. Raine & Kelly Wyre

Ellis Parker is a military man who puts his faith in truth, duty, honor, and living for the moment. Keeping that peace isn't easy, and he reveres the person who helps him stay on his chosen path: Ellis' former Dominant lover and New Amsterdam's most well-connected bartender, Maxwell Clark. So when Clark makes a rare and unexpected offer that might let Ellis relive the days when Ellis was Clark's, who is Ellis to refuse such a chance?

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Life on the Land by Vic Winter

Jason has worked hard for his land, and for his life. Thank goodness he has Robin to share it all with him. Robin cares for him as much as he cares for his ranch, and he's sure good things are on the way.

Originally in Taste Test: Barbed Wire and Bootheels

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Three to Heal, a Velvet Glove story by Sean Michael

Jean is a broken man. He's been practically blinded and terribly scarred by an accident. Alone and angry, he turns to the Velvet Glove to take him out of himself for awhile. Club social director Kestrel introduces Jean to committed pair Noel and Richard. Can these two devoted men find a place in their heart for Jean? And can Jean accept them in return?

Originally published on Turn of the Screw and in the print book Velvet Glove, V.

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