Sunday, September 16, 2012

In my own world - sequels and freebies

Happy Sunday! CB Conwy here, talking about writing, and my new book, and a new freebie on my website!

When I'm writing, I tend to go into my own world - and sometimes it can be pretty hard to say goodbye to that world. That was the case with my new book, Happily Ever After, which continues the story of Tom and Mischa from A Russian Bear.

The characters tend to come alive in my mind. And yes, I really hope I never have to have a psychiatric evaluation, because I fully recognize that it's somewhat worrying to have this many people inside my head… I can imagine the conversation:

Doctor: "Have you ever heard voices in your head, talking to you?"
Me: "Definitely not. I mean, not talking to me as such."
Worried-looking doctor: "What do you mean, 'as such'?"
Me: "They talk more among themselves. You know, when they get into a fight or something." 
Still more worried-looking doctor: "Aha. Uh… But you know they aren't real, right?"
Me: "Of course they aren't real! Even though CK would have a thing or two to say about this conversation."
Doctor looking about to commit me: "So, they aren't real, but they still talk to you?"
Me: "Of course they talk to me! Uh, I mean…"

But, well, apart from the whole mental health thing, creating worlds can be a good thing - because it means sequels. And spin-offs. And spin-offs from spin-offs. In other words, separation anxiety can be a good thing for authors (and readers).

The Slake universe is an example of a fictional world that I know very well by now. Better than my readers, in fact; there are lots of stories I haven't told. Some of them will probably stay in my head; others suddenly pop up at weird moments.

The latter was the case with the story of Toby's bartender. I've hinted at it several times, so now I had to tell it:

Ben is Toby's bartender, and he's driving Toby crazy. Not just because Ben gets himself hurt all the time, but because he's there. And Toby can't keep himself from having scenes with him, and he can't keep himself from holding the boy afterwards, either, and thinking about how nice it feels. Even though Ben's his employee and they shouldn't be doing this in the first place. His Something is a quick look at the event which might change Toby's mind when it comes to Ben - whether Toby wants to admit it or not.  

Go to my website to read His Something.

And if you're sick and tired of hearing about the same characters, then I have a cheeky little sip out as well: Leather and Newfound Land. It's about a couple cursed with literary names and a Newfoundland puppy. And a little about a poet who likes a lobster. Thanks to Kristi P. for the idea! (Well, the lobster part really isn't her fault).

Here's the blurb:
Getting a puppy can cause major upheaval, mess, and distraction in your life. Much like getting a boyfriend, come to think about it. And Cliff has to think about it after Mischa (the adorable, but incredibly messy Newfoundland puppy) and Gerard (the equally adorable, but incredibly tidy man) come into his life on the very same day.

It's a case of opposites attracting -- and a puppy making it worse. The dog is wreaking havoc, and in the end, Cliff''s doubting whether he's going to have a boyfriend for much longer. Then a puppy catastrophe leads to the discovery of Gerard's kinky secret, and Cliff realizes that they may be more compatible than he ever thought possible. 

Go to Torquere Press to buy Leather and Newfound Land. All of the proceeds go to the NOH8 campaign - and Torquere Press matches the donation.


Donna said...

I just read His Something and I really enjoyed it. Thanks for the free read!


CB Conwy said...

You're very welcome! Now that I've started writing Toby's story, I kind of want to go on. So stay tuned:).

Kristi P said...

*rubs hands in glee* More Toby! I loved seeing more of Toby in Happily Ever After, and I'm so glad you got to urge to write more of his story.

I love the characters in the Slate universe, and I'll happily visit anytime you want to write more.

CB Conwy said...

You're always welcome, Kristi! Especially when you give me ideas for stories. Ohhh, I could make one of your suggestions into a Toby-story...

Kristi P said...

I just read His Something...You rock! More Toby stories will always make this fangirl squee. He's been a favorite of mine since A Russian Bear.

CB Conwy said...

Thank you! I like Toby as well. Not least because he's the only person in the world who can live with Mischa. Apart from Tom, that is.

But God, Toby and Mischa must have been insufferable when they were young! Hm, maybe I could write about that as well...