Wednesday, September 26, 2012

California Heat

Good morning ... it's Hump Day! Don't know about you, but I'm always glad to get past the middle of the week.

Well, the calendar says autumn, but southern California has been as hot as the surface of the sun lately. 80s and 90s all last week, but it's been cooling off. Unfortunately, things are still pretty dry, and it's still wildfire season here. That will last through October.

Wildfires are my segue into my post today, obviously! The Tinder series has a third part available, so if you haven't checked out Sparks: A Tinder Story yet, then go see what Morgan has to say about living with a firefighter. It's not like the movies, I'll tell you that much.

Here's a little excerpt for you that's not on the website....


Christopher had never done well in the way of actually hearing what Morgan was trying to say. The fact that perhaps Morgan wasn’t communicating effectively had crossed his mind from time to time, but he usually tossed out that idea in favor of passing it off as Chris’ youth being the reason why their arguments happened.

Although, really. Was mid-thirties that young? It sounded like it, to someone who could only claim “late forties” for one more year. Morgan had never thought much about his age, aside from the medical issues that plagued him, high cholesterol being first and foremost. Chris had always been and would always be younger, by a decade and a half. Nothing was going to change that.

Or the fact that Christopher was a fireman who loved his job and had no intent of giving it up. Morgan couldn’t change that, either.

Chris liked to mumble under his breath that Morgan hated firemen. It wasn’t precisely true, but Morgan let him think it just to avoid getting into a more in-depth argument over how Morgan really felt about firefighters. Those details weren’t coming out unless he’d had a lot of scotch and probably a blow job. He’d told Christopher the basics, back when they’d first started seeing each other. The basics had covered it and Chris seemed satisfied with that, although not so accepting of the actual reasons.

“But not all firemen are like that, Morgan. I’m not like that. Most of my friends aren’t like that.” Chris had said it time and again, each time with an earnest look on his face that made Morgan want to kiss him and then take him to bed. He did, a few times, and it had the desired effect of making Chris be quiet.

But it was always there, beneath the surface. Morgan had strong feelings about most firemen and they weren’t positive ones.


Oh, Morgan. He has a lot to learn. You can find out exactly what happens to soften his attitude a bit in Sparks, available now from Torquere Press. Thanks for reading today!

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