Wednesday, September 5, 2012

BREAKING NEWS! SHOTS FIRED! Finally Gets Kelly Wyre Out of Bed


Well... good morning, oh lovely people of the Interwebs. Kelly Wyre, co-author of the New Amsterdam Series, here, for a day of fun, games, snark, and hotness. Business as usual, but today, as opposed to most days, there's an extra somethin'-somethin' to add some kick-buttery-cayenne pepper to the awesomesauce.

Raine and I have this novella coming out today, see. It's called Shot in the Dark, and it features none other than New Amsterdam's premier and most well-connected and influentially nosey bartender, Maxwell Clark. You may remember him. He was in Hearts Under Fire, and Winter's Knight, and "The New Deal" and even my story, "Luck in the Making."

The guy seriously gets around. And under, over, inside, beside, and just about anywhere else he can manage to make work, really...

But despite what Clark's oh-so-unhumble ego would say, he's NOT the star of the book. An adorable, sweet, earnest boy named Ellis Parker is. Ellis was also in Hearts Under Fire. He showed up in Club Break to talk to Clark around about the time Clark and Daniel were going toe-to-toe and trying to out-growl one another.

Ellis is going to get his place beneath the New Amsterdam full moon in a future novel all of his own, but for now, we thought we'd let him relive some happy moments spent with his former lover, Clark.

To say nothing of the gun porn and crazy costumes and good humor that happens in the meanwhile...

For all the information on New Amsterdam, including the Tales in Order, plus links to extras, shorts, prompts, and other goodies, CLICK RIGHT CHERE!

*sips coffee* There. Now that you've got the full spill, I'm gonna get to work setting out pastries and goodies for the morning rush.

Raine and I are playing here, and over on the Social site today. Do come join us!

Raine'll be by in a while to add her baked good magic and twenty cents (inflation, man; hits you where you least expect it). We've got references and extras and excerpts and hot men and behind-the-scenes notes and interactive posts oh my. Should be more than enough to distract you from whatever it is that you should be doing on this working hump day Wednesday.

OH! And did I mention that a random commenter on the social site is going to get a free copy of the novella?


Shoot. That was probably important...


*meanders off to red-covered tables, setting out food and munching on the massive pile-o-bacon*



Tracy Faul said...

Dammit. Now I want to start a reread. *pout* I don't have TIME for a reread; I have three days in which to clean my house (including the carpet, dear LORD!) before my middle child has his 9th birthday party on Saturday.


(Also, heh, the captcha dealie -- the words never make sense, but my number this time? 42!!!)

Kelly Wyre said...

Egad, Tracy, a carpet cleaning? I confess, I do not envy you.

...maybe thirty pages for every half hour of cleaning? Reward?

Or you can always mark the steamier scenes and use THOSE as reward. Goodness knows, they got me, ah, moving, on occasion!


Thank you so much for your support. Good luck with the cleaning and happy birthday to your little one!