Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Behind the Scenes of Shot in the Dark - Kelly Wyre

Good morning. Kelly Wyre, here, with my inside scoop on the making of "Shot In The Dark." It's the latest in our New Amsterdam Series, and like all the books, it ties the characters together. As Raine said in her Behind the Scenes Post, this story was initially meant for the Charity Ball sips, but, alas, it was too long. Thankfully Torquere was good enough to offer up the novella format, which we jumped on with both feet and cries of glee.

What stands out the most to me in the writing of this piece is getting to showcase Clark as he was back in his self-ascribed, "Golden Dom Days." Before Clark met Daniel in Hearts Under Fire, he did more than his share of play in Club Break. I knew it was all done behind closed doors, I knew Clark was picky, that he always Dom'd, and I knew there was an undertone of wishful want beneath almost everything he did. Getting to put all that together, though, was just the kind of challenging puzzle I love to take on.

So I was thrilled when Raine mentioned she wanted to bring back Ellis (who was, by the way, initially a random side-character that I created in two-dimensions for HUF whom Raine then made three-dimensional and whole in the process of writing this novella and in preparation for the book we're going to do to give Ellis his happy ending), and even more thrilled when she took me up on my offer of Clark to teach Ellis the ropes of Scene. Clark is always a complex, intricate character to write, full of surprises (both good and bad), and thoroughly engaging. Writing him often drives me to drinking, but he never fails to make me think and feel.

Writing Clark's side of the initial negotiations in his bar, Glow, after hours with Ellis was a sheer joy. I love Clark devious, but I love how even when devious, he's caring, and getting to write the discussion before the Scene was satisfying on many levels. There's just not enough done in the realms of negotiation, aftercare, sub-drop, Dom guilt, and the other emotional fall-out that happens when people play hard and well in the Lifestyle.

I also freakin' loved doing the gun-alley banter among Kris Fawkes, Clark, Ellis, and Daniel. I scribbled up the bits about Batman and I AM IRONMAN at around one in the morning while Raine giggled in my ear. Raine had given me all that delightful fully automatic, bunker-blasting gun porn, so I figured payment in kind was a laugh or two while the men blew shit up in style.

If you choose to read the novella, I hope you love it half as much as Raine and I did while writing it. There's also talk of a sequel, though it's very hush-hush, back room sort of whispering right now. In the meantime, I hope this and the other Tales of New Amsterdam tide you over.

Much love and swingin' from the rafters,

♥Kelly Wyre

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