Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Author Extra: Nothing Better Than Leather by Katherine Halle

Nothing Better Than Leather by Katherine Halle

Zeke is a writer, who spends his evenings working as a valet at The Palm
Restaurant, and lusting after a particular silver BMW 3 Series and its
owner. Josh is the owner of that BMW and the only thing he enjoys about his
routine evenings at The Palm is the red-haired valet who parks his car. When
Josh is injured in an accident at the restaurant and Zeke is volunteered to
drive him home, will their time spent together result in something more - or
will Zeke forever remain the nameless valet who parks Josh's car?

Take one feisty valet, one straight-laced banker, mix in a fancy car and a
long drive out to Malibu, and see what pulls up.

Author Extra:

Extra Scene – This is what happens Monday morning when Josh drives Zeke back
to the restaurant.

Josh wrapped a hand around the back of Zeke's neck, pulling him close,
pressing their mouths together. Zeke could feel his heart pounding and his
blood rushing south and tore away from the kiss with a breathless gasp. "We
keep doing this and I'm not gonna be able to get out of this car."

With a soft chuckle, Josh rested his forehead against Zeke's. "I had a
fabulous weekend."

"Me too," Zeke said quietly, fingering his red jacket.

"So," Josh's voice trailed off.

Pulling back, Zeke flashed Josh a bright smile. "So, I'm going to go do my
thing, check in, work, get my tips, and then at the end of my shift, I'm
going to use the handy dandy address you gave me," he waved the bright
orange piece of paper in the air, "to come to your place in Weho to see if
you really are the gourmet chef you make yourself out to be."

Josh's face flushed red with mock indignation. "I'll have you know, I could
cook circles around the best of them. You just wait. You like salmon?"


"Wait until you taste my Asian sesame glazed salmon. I like to serve it
with candied carrots, and a Thai noodle dish. I'll have it ready at eight?"

"Yup. Since I'm working the lunch shift, I get off at seven-thirty. I'll
get there as soon as traffic will let me."

"Good." Josh leaned over and kissed him again, hard, with just a brief
swipe of his tongue. "Now get out of here, I have money things to do."

Zeke let out a bark of laughter, opening the door. He blew Josh a kiss,
slammed the door with his hip and sauntered into the restaurant. He turned
for a quick second at the door to watch Josh laughing as he drove off. The
warm feeling he'd had all weekend settled firmly around his heart and
brought a smile to his face as he walked through the restaurant greeting his
coworkers. It was going to be a good day.

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buttononthetop said...

Awww that was a lovely morning scene! Great coda to a lovely, lovely story, darlin'! **hugs**