Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Author Extra: Biker Moon by BA Collins - NSFW

Biker Moon by BA Collins

Biker and veteran Dave Backus has pain, so much that he wants to end it all.
But when he tries, a pair of people appear in his path in the light of the
full Moon and stop him. Sudril, holy paladin of the Moon loves his mage
Riana. Riana loves Sudril, but thinks him gay. Dave thinks they're both hot,
even if they're from another world and searching for a lost artifact so
Riana can ransom back her little girl. They find only clues and shadows on
the night of the full moon, but maybe they can find a little something else
together before dawn of the Biker Moon.

Author Extra:

Author Extra: A scene from the past! Back on Calana, Sudril and Riana's
husband Yvan enjoyed a kinky relationship she never guessed at. Yvan may be
dead, but Sudril hasn't forgotten him, not one inch of his six foot six
barbarian might. Explicit!


A heavy step behind him warned Sudril of his peril a moment too late. Yvan's
big hand wrapped around his braided hair before he could move. "You have
been scarce, moon warrior."
Sudril leaned back against the huge man, already finding himself giving way
at the thought of what they'd done in the past. "My-my duties…"
"I don't care why. Riana has taken Litha to the temple for the children's
Moon warding. We are alone." Yvan dug his free hand down into Sudril's
breeches and took hold of his manhood brutally.
Sudril knew that, but Yvan had been distant lately. He hadn't expected him
to come into his rooms at the side of their house so quietly. "Please, my
lord, at least loosen my harness!"
"Do you fear pain, Sudril?" Yvan nipped Sudril's pointed ear, a chuckle
rumbling his huge chest.
Sudril's cock strained at the chastity harness. He was a fool to let Yvan
keep the keys. "P-please! I want to feel pleasure!"
Yvan turned him and dropped to his knees, stripping Sudril of his breeches
with both hands. "But I enjoy your pain, fae traitor!"
Sudril gazed down at Yvan's shaggy dark hair and blazing blue green eyes.
Even on his knees the big man dominated him. With words alone, he could
remind him of his shame as a former traitor to the Emperor. "I have served
loyally for more than a hundred years, Yvan. Followed your bold little wife
through a hundred misadventures. Surely I can be rewarded?"
Yvan chuckled, stroking his curly beard thoughtfully. He unlocked the
harness, but only enough to loosen it. Then he locked it again and took
Sudril's manhood into his mouth, sucking hard.
Sudril whimpered. It hurt, the spikes still dug into his manhood. But oh
Lord Phalan, the pleasure as his manhood filled with blood and life. He
didn't dare move or take Yvan's hair in his hands, so he clasped them behind
his back.
"I love that whine you give, Sudril." Yvan released his manhood and took it
in his hands, his white skin contrasting against Sudril's blue black flesh.
"The great fae warrior, reduced to my helpless slave."
"Only for you, my lord." Sudril whispered. It clawed at his heart to do this
behind Riana's back. Yvan shared her with other men at times. He knew she
loved seeing men fuck. Why would she not see that a fae man was not so
different? His skin, his pointed teeth, did she fear them so much?
Yvan stood, opening his breeches. "On your knees, and keep your teeth away
from me." 
Sudril dropped to his knees and took Yvan's big manhood in his mouth, trying
not to swallow hair with it. Barbarians mocked at the way civilized humans
shaved their bodies. 
Yvan pulled him tight, until Sudril had to breathe through his crotch hair.
"Oh yes, I know you hate that. Coarse humans, to have hair around their
Sudril couldn't answer, so he sucked hard on Yvan's manhood.
"Ahhh. Suck me off. I have plans for tonight you will hate, Sudril." Yvan
released him.
Sudril set to work, his hands still clasped behind him, his manhood full and
pained and dripping in hope. Yvan would beat him and fuck him hard, tie him
until his joints screamed for release. Somewhere in all of that, he would
find his pleasure. 

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