Saturday, September 29, 2012

Are you attending GRL?

Hey y'all! Torquere Press will be hosting a bowling party at GRL on Saturday starting at 5:00 pm over at the Fun Connection. It is just across the parking lot from the Hard Rock. The book signing ends at 4 pm and everyone has free time for dinner from 4-7. The Fun Connection does offer pizza, hot dogs, etc so you can have dinner there during the bowling party. The authors will be hosting their lanes and we have a limited number of attendees per lane. Each author will have swag for everyone, along with a prize for the highest score on their lane. Torquere Press will also have swag and books available as well as a $100 gift certificate for Torquere Books for the highest score on all the lanes. Currently the authors attending are:

Kiernan Kelly
BA Tortuga
Julia Talbot
AR Moler
TC Blue
Marshall Thornton
Charlie Cochet
Amy Lane

What you need to do?

Email me at kristi (at) torquerepress (dot) com with your full badge name and let me know you want to attend and if you have a specific author you want to be assigned to. If you are NOT bowling and just want to be a spectator please specify that.  The authors may not have swag for every spectator however if you are on the list Torquere will have a goodie bag for you. :D

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