Thursday, September 27, 2012

Anniversaries - Love 'Em

I know, you all are probably tired of hearing about Torquere's Anniversary, but there's only a few more days left in the month so I figured I'd squeeze in one more post about it :D

But first, anniversaries - love 'em or hate 'em?

For the most part? I love 'em.  My hubs always comes up with some pretty good stuff.

Our 5th anniversary - he took me to Japan and we spent ten days with some friends of ours that were stationed there and WOW seriously one of our best vacations ever!  We got to see and do so many things.

Our 10th anniversary - yeah, not so much this one.  He was stationed with a strike group and they were gearing up for a deployment.

He made up for it for our 11th anniversary though.  He took me back to New Orleans for several days and had front row tickets at the Mahalia Jackson theater for us to see Wicked (which I LOVE).  It was a fantastic trip and a surprise!  He'd even arranged for my parents to babysit our kid!

I can't wait to see what he has planned for our 15th, because it's coming up soon!

Speaking of anniversaries - LOL you knew I was going to get back to this.  It's Torquere's Ninth Anniversary and they celebrated by putting out some really fantastic Charity Sips and donating the money to the NOH8 campaign!

My short story Nothing Better Than Leather was included in the Charity Sip Release. Here's a copy of the official blurb:

Zeke is a writer, who spends his evenings working as a valet at The Palm Restaurant, and lusting after a particular silver BMW 3 Series and its owner. Josh is the owner of that BMW and the only thing he enjoys about his routine evenings at The Palm is the red-haired valet who parks his car. When Josh is injured in an accident at the restaurant and Zeke is volunteered to drive him home, will their time spent together result in something more - or will Zeke forever remain the nameless valet who parks Josh's car?

Take one feisty valet, one straight-laced banker, mix in a fancy car and a long drive out to Malibu, and see what pulls up.

Let me share an excerpt that is NOT up on the site.

"You don't have to be so formal around me, not now that Steve can't hear us.  I don't bite."  Joshua paused, letting a seductive laugh slip out.  "Well, most of the time I don't.  What's your name, so I can stop calling you 'car guy' in my head?"

Zeke gaped at Joshua like a fish, his mind still tripping over the comment about biting.  It took him too many seconds to catch up and realize that not only was Joshua asking his name, he was flirting.  "You call me 'car guy'?"  Another quick glance over at Joshua and Zeke could see his fair skin stain red with a faint blush.

"Um, well, I didn't know your name, I had to call you something."

You can find my story Here and the rest of the Charity Sips Here

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