Tuesday, September 25, 2012

And the winner is...


Shoot me an email, Urb, at romankate at the gmails, and I'll get you your free Crankset.

Everyone had crazy stories in this one, from the 179K tiny house in Toronto, to people living in garages and lovesick living room furniture, so to show my appreciation, here are links to some free reads featuring Matt and Jason, my Royal Cycles duo:

Red Hot on Wheels (PG)
Make Me (NC-17)
The Comeback (R)
and Couch of Doom, the ficlet that eventually got well out of control and became Crankset. Uh, and it's NC-17 too, because apparently I am just a dirty old woman. Whoops.

And to show that truth is nearly often stranger than fiction, SF is now voting on whether to allow micro-apartments at 250 square feet.


I need a little happy time after that so here we go: Bike Messenger Appreciation Day is *ahem* cock-tober 9th*, and I assure you, Jason will be showing Matt just how much he appreciates a good long package run. Now if you all need me, I'll be in my bunk...

*because "10-9" is the radio code for "say again?" aka, of course, "come again?" :D

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