Wednesday, August 22, 2012

New Releases for August 22

Moon Shadows by Neena Jaydon

Not every werewolf is leader of the pack. Theo Dimitriadis, games tester by profession and werewolf by nature, has built himself a quiet life. But he puts himself into the public spotlight after he pulls Anastasia Shevchenko out of a river. This brings him to the attention of Max, Anastasia's brother. Max is a dog trainer who, like Theo, has a family secret. He's a medium, able to communicate with ghosts and spirits.

When life-draining shadow spirits appear in Fort Rivers, Theo and Max take action together. Max starts wanting the gorgeous man he sees hidden behind Theo's shyness. The more Theo retreats from his attention, the more Max goes on the chase. Theo loves to submit but fears that he'll give up too much control to Max. They struggle to understand each other even as they zero in on the shadow spirits. But before they can reconcile their differences, an even darker threat comes along, intent on harming more than their relationship. If Theo and Max want to be together, first they have to get through this supernatural battle intact! 

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A Fighting Chance by Andi Penn

Getting beaten up just to get the attention of a guy you’re into might seem a little on the extreme side, but it works for Tazer. Split lips and black are eyes are good enough to interrupt his dates with the added bonus of convincing Owen to patch him up. It might hurt, but if he can just convince Owen to give him a chance, then it’s worth every single scrape and bruise.

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At the Library by Spencer Rook

With his grades slipping, Liam gets one chance to do some extra credit.  Unfortunately, he does what he's done for the rest of the semester; he procrastinates. Who can blame him? He has no desire to go to the creepy university library and hunch over a bunch of dusty books.

After he meets the guy that works the nightshift, though, Liam discovers that the library might have more to offer than books.

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Stubborn Attraction by Berengaria Brown

Laid off for ramming her knee into a co-worker's balls after he tries to feel her up, lesbian Jaelle heads to her father's cabin in the mountains. There, she takes the form of a mountain goat and climbs, free and uninhibited.

So, what happens when she finds a very attractive interloper on her favorite rock ledge?

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