Wednesday, August 15, 2012

New Releases for August 15

Cartography for Beginners by Jenna Jones

At the age of fifty-one, Leo Bellamy from Chiaroscuro and Something Beautiful has to do what he never expected: start over. Leo has been mourning the end of his long-time relationship for over a year. It takes the death of a close friend to convince Leo that he doesn't want to spend the rest of his life being bitter. It's time to move on and find a love that will last. Leo accepts his friend Stuart Huntsman's invitation to visit him in London, where Leo's friends hope he will find a holiday romance that will kick start that "moving on" business.

Meantime, Stuart has been tentatively rebuilding his relationship with his estranged children. For twenty years Stuart thought his children were better off with him, and it's a shock to learn they don't feel the same way. Stuart doesn't think he's good for anyone -- and certainly not for Leo, even if he and Leo call each other daily and Stuart is always a welcome guest in Leo's home.

There's no road map to true love and it's easy to get lost along the way. But with patience and understanding, Stuart and Leo may find their way to each other.

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Raine Fall by DC Juris

Vance, Andrew, and Raine are back! We met this sexy trio in "Where He Belongs," but now we get to find out how it all started. Raine's world is turned upside down when his sister, Lilly, dies unexpectedly. She's left him the Dew Drop Inn, and everything seems very cut and dry - he'll sell the place and return to his calm, uncomplicated life. But his former lover, Vance, and Vance's saucy sub, Andrew, have other ideas, and when Vance makes a counter offer, Raine is left wondering what the right thing to do really is. Is everything he's worked for worth it without love? Can two powerful Doms even coexist under the same roof?

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It Happened in Buenos Aires, a Grave Watchers story by Missouri Dalton

Sebastien and Bones are back for a little vacation/crocodile hunt in Argentina at the request of fellow Grave Watcher, Alejandro. What should have been an easy afternoon turns into a night time chase for the legendary chupacabra. All Sebastien really wanted was a quiet afternoon in his hotel room and some ice cream, but when the gods ask you for something, it’s best to comply.

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Knight in Shiny Leathers by Glyn Soitino

When Chris is rescued from a mugger by a tall, dark stranger on a motorbike, the last thing he expects is to be asked out on a date. Though emotionally fragile from having suffered failed relationships in the past, Chris feels an immediate rapport with Paul. Maybe, this time, his luck has changed.

Yet seeing is believing, and what Chris sees a few days later convinces him to call it off with Paul. But what did he really see? Whatever the truth of the matter, Paul is not the kind of guy to take no for an answer…

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