Wednesday, August 29, 2012

New Release Day

Today we have two Novellas and two Sips for you.


Lane’s Loss of Innocence: Cuffs and More 2 by Dakota Dawn

Perry and Lane from Cuff and More are back and taking the plunge -- they're moving in together. When Lane disobeys Perry and delivers some of his wares to a customer at home, Perry is angry and disappointed. Those emotions turn to fear when he hears terrible screams coming from the house of Lane's customer.

Can he save both Lane and their relationship? Or have outside forces pulled them apart for good?

The Briar Rose: Hoarse Play by Sean Michael

Having moved out east, Matt and Adam have renovated the big old house they bought, turning it into The Briar Rose, a BDSM B&B. With Adam's experience as a professional sub and Matt's patience and knowledge, they hope to help other couples find their way in the BDSM lifestyle.

Their first guests are Jackson and Burger, a well-known singer and his manager. The couple are not exactly what Adam and Matt expect, but they do what they can to help the other men learn to communicate and find trust.

Singer Jackson has just had an operation on his vocal chords and has been ordered not to speak for at least two weeks, something he's having a hard time doing. Burger brings Jackson to the Briar Rose in the hopes of not only keeping the singer resting and quiet, but in rekindling their on-again-off-again love affair and making it on-again, permanently. Can they find what they need at The Briar Rose?

Matt and Adam first appeared in Sold, a Hammer novel, and are the foundation for the new Briar Rose series by Sean Michael.

Short Stories:

Brotherly Love by DC Juris
Frankie has been in love with his twin, Jacob, for as long as he can remember, but he's pushed those feelings aside. What kind of man lusts after his brother, after all? When he discovers a story about twins loving one another, those old feelings rear up, and he has to say something. But how will Jacob take the news? Will they find their happily ever after together, in each other's arms, or has Frankie just ruined everything?

Rockin’ Headboard by Jamie Lowe

Harper and his boyfriend, Max, are excited to have a brand new headboard. But in the process of trying to break the headboard in, they both end up with injuries that threaten to kill the mood. It will take a lot of stubbornness to keep their enthusiasm with bumps and bruises.

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