Saturday, August 25, 2012

Good Morning

Greetings folks! I've taken over the blog today to talk a little bit about some shiny new stuff going on. First off, congratulations to Elf, who won that copy of The Night Shift. Second, the long awaited debut of the FU Scarf from The Hanged Man's Ghost, has finally happened! To much fanfare and excitement I must say.

Recently we've seen the release of It Happened in Buenos Aires which is a romp of a short story with Sebastien and Bones helping out another Watchman in Argentina.

Sebastien and Bones are back for a little vacation/crocodile hunt in Argentina at the request of fellow Grave Watcher, Alejandro. What should have been an easy afternoon turns into a night time chase for the legendary chupacabra. All Sebastien really wanted was a quiet afternoon in his hotel room and some ice cream, but when the gods ask you for something, it’s best to comply.

Well, doesn't that sound like it's going to be both fun and a pain in Sebastien's ass? Poor Sebastien, I just love putting him in situations that cause him stress.

And now I must be off, because there is a picnic full of men in waistcoats that requires my immediate attendance.


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