Thursday, August 9, 2012

Going for the Gold

Eight years ago I was watching the Olympics and was inspired to start a little book about a swimmer and his coach. Well, Mike and Jessy's first book took less than three weeks to write, the next two taking a little longer, but definitely going strong the whole time.

There's also a book about a diver:
One about a gymnast:
And even one about a baseball player:

This year I've got another swimmer and coach pair, this time as a part of the Hammer Club world. 

My favorite Olympic moments so far this  year? All of Michael Phelps races and Usain Bolt's 100M win.

Tell me your favorite Olympic moment for a chance to win a $5 Torquere gift certificate. I'll pick a winner Friday evening, so you have until then to comment.

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Tracy Faul said...

Heh. I have not had TIME to watch anything this year. The first week coincided with all the back-to-school shopping for my kids, and this week has been all about getting them settled in. My youngest is 7, and he's got...well, we're working on a diagnosis (hubby has ADHD) and right now, half an hour of homework can take up to 4 hours of my time to get done. So...yeah, not so much with the TV. I always like watching gymnastics, though. Even when they screw up.

kaytee said...

I would say Gynmastics or when the Russian kid won the diving gold. (sorry I am terrible with their names)

Lisa said...

I enjoyed watching the swimming finals, but seeing Michael Phelps become the most decorated olympian of all time was really special.

I watched a lot of the gymnastics and track and field, too. I thought it was pretty cool when Oscar Pistorius made it to the 400m semifinal. Very inspirational!