Friday, August 17, 2012

Finding research

Doing your research

I was lucky enough a few weeks back to go to the Authors After Dark conference in New Orleans. While I was there, I was also lucky enough to meet some amazing authors, such as Damon Suede, Andrew Grey and Sophie Oak, among many others. There were great book bloggers and reviewers, such as Joy from Joyfully Reviewed, Mamakitty, and Mantastic Fiction's lovely sister, who was super-enthusiastic.

One thing I got feedback-wise from these folks, as well as the readers I was lucky enough to chat with, was that people were missing my smokejumpers. If you know my writing at all, you're familiar with Jumping Into Things, which is a double novella about smokejumpers and pilots, Army guys and ciphers. Jed and Eli were some of my first published boys, and I adore them. While they're happily settled, and I know I have no more of their stories to tell, I got the idea for a new book set in the same area in the same profession. It's an ego trip to have folks tell you they love how obvious it was you did your research, and God knows I love to poke at smokejumper FAQs.

As soon as I let those horses run, I had a story. I can't type fast enough to keep up with it. Stirling and Dan, so far, are hot and funny, and I have a feeling they have the potential to get angsty here soon.

This is why I travel, y'all. Why I go to cons. You never know where the iron will be hot, or where inspiration will come from. I'm so tickled to be wallowing in Western Colorado again, too, where I get to indulge my love for mountains and canyons. Western Colorado is like an itch, and I try to scratch it once a year, at least. Right now it would be rocking to go, because it's August in Texas, and man, no one wants to be here.

So, anyway, if you want to check out the smokejumper boys, go here

It will so hook you up.




Missouri Dalton said...

I learned something today because of this post. So thank you. I had never heard of smokejumpers before.

Julia said...

oh man, they're hot, too. You should have seen this group of guys I ran into at a gas station in Georgetown Colorado once...