Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Olympics are coming!

In just over two weeks the Olympics are starting! I love the Olympics and am especially looking forward to Swimming, Diving, Gymnastics, just for a start.

I've got a new short story featuring Mike and Jessy from Personal Best coming out next week.

Ramping Up is the story of what Mike and Jessy are up to just a few weeks before the Olympics start. It'll be available July 18!

What's your favorite thing about the summer Olympics?

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Kristi P said...

It used to be watching every athlete in any one I just hope I get to see more than just the top three or five.

Gymnastics are my favorite events...MaryLou was huge when I was a little girl. You better believe that as much as I love all the Going for Gold novels...Perfect 10 is my favorite!

Looking forward to the new story.