Wednesday, July 18, 2012

New Releases for July 18

Faithless by Missouri Dalton

Dyre was a priest until he lost faith, which is a dangerous thing when the Church still burns people at the stake. But Dyre’s loss of faith makes him useful. He becomes one of the Faithless, a demon hunter with a cursed sword. His keeper, Isaiah, an Inquisitor, has become very close to him after years of companionship. But as Isaiah’s softest touch burns Dyre, can the two ever really be more than companions?

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Zero to 165 by AR Moler

Most of the time life bumps along pretty predictably, viruses and vacations, Christmas and work issues, career and relationship choices. This is certainly true for part time Division P operatives Mason Flynn and Cameron Bradshaw. Mason is a doctor and a healer. Cam is a Navy pilot and a finder. Between building a life together and the stresses of managing both their part time and full time careers, life is pretty full for both guys. But sometimes, life throws a world-altering curve ball. Laws change.  The past reaches out into the present and drops a miraculous bomb. Psychic stresses develop. People’s realities alter in unpredictable ways. But Mason and Cam have each other even as their life grows in some very, very unexpected ways.

Mason and Cam first appeared in Hell Dogs Squadron and Seeking the Balance.

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Fist Me by Berengaria Brown

Taryn asks Maeve to fist her. When Maeve gets over her shock at Taryn’s request, she tries to talk her out of it. Fisting is extreme, and Taryn’s not a lesbian. But Taryn is determined. She’s just broken up from Mr. Perfect, who was definitely not right for her, and this is something she wants to do just for herself. Maeve is the only person she trusts to share the experience with her. And she’ll worry about the fall-out from her broken romance later.

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Ramping Up, a Personal Best story by Sean Michael

Mike and Jessy, from the Personal Best series, are back just in time for the Olympics. With it being an Olympic year, all of Mike's sponsors want a piece of the gold-medalist for their ad campaigns, but Mike just wants to train. He's only got a few weeks left before he and Jessy are off to London. Can Jessy find time for all they have to do, and make sure they make time for each other, too?

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