Wednesday, July 11, 2012

New Releases for July 11

Forever May Not Be Enough by Mychael Black and Shayne Carmichael

Mael Black, vampire prince of London, and his vampire-hunting angel, Cian, are back in their third and final book!

An ancient force has awakened and is hellbent on nothing short of the total destruction of the Romanorum. Mael and Cian are thrust into the middle of things, and it's ultimately on their shoulders to save the Romanorum itself. In the meantime, they've got their hands full with bringing a new son into their family, and Mael's father trying to force Mael to denounce his relationship with Cian.

Betrayals and violent court intrigue set the stage for what promises to be an epic end to Mael and Cian's story. But it's only the beginning for others...

Find the beginning of Mael and Cian's story in The Prince's Angel and And the Two Shall Become One.

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A Recondite Matter by GS Wiley

Francis is an Edwardian gentleman who prefers the quiet life. When a mysterious gift from a more adventurous friend, Sir Desmond Rivest, transports him a hundred years into the future, Francis needs to use every wit he possesses to fit into a world of smart phones, fast cars, and paper plates. Simon, an antiques dealer, seems uniquely equipped to help Francis adjust, and to help him find a way back home. But as Francis' feelings for Simon begin to emerge, an encounter with a descendent of Sir Desmond's threatens to take Francis away from Simon before they really begin to know one another. 

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Birds of a Feather by Sophia Beaumont

Cursed to turn into a flamingo since the age of three, Eric hasn’t had the best luck with relationships. But that changes when he meets Dan. At least, he thinks it has until Dan is offered a job in another state, and asks Eric to come along. Can Dan handle the truth about Eric?

Then, there's the new guy in town: Colin. Eric can tell right from the start that Colin's got a full moon secret of his own. The question is, when it comes to a weremoose and a wereflamingo, can there ever really be common ground?

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The New Guy, a Roughstock story by BA Tortuga

Roughstock bullfighter Coke is training new alternate Sterling, and he thinks the kid is good at his job. Dillon thinks Sterling is far too interested in Coke, and not in a boss and employee sort of way. Can Coke convince Dillon that a clown is all he needs?

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