Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Happy Wednesday!

Howdy folks!

I'm running late, as usual. It wouldn't be me if I weren't late, right? Well, lately, that's true.

I guess we all act differently when something big happens in our lives.I've just found myself running to catch up (which is a neat trick in a wheelchair). Some of the work I did during the month of April turns out to be pretty bad--in my opinion.

But enough of all that--although I wonder how much you, as readers, want realism regarding such things when you read a story. What I mean is, a lot of us have folks getting injured and rallying right away, when in truth, the shock to the body will often prevent normal responses. In reverse, if someone finds themselves having to shoot another person, there will be an initial loss of fine motor control due to the rush of adrenaline. So yeah, do you want your hero to be keen-eyed and steady as a rock?

or human and fallible?

Now then, when I posted on the Torqure Press's Happy Hour, I started a new story that I plan to continue there.

My question to you is, would you like me to post it here as well?  Here is the first paragraph. It won't tell you much, I'm sorry to say.

It was named A Roaming Heart by sexkitten426

Lucian Constantinescu smiled down at the old woman tucked beside him, patting the frail hand resting on his forearm. For many minutes, the two stood in silence, an island of calm as a party ebbed and flowed in the room behind them. ...

incidentally, as always, those who leave a comment are entered into a contest for an ebook. For every 3 different people who comment, I will offer another prize--but each of your comments counts as a new entry.

So, every time you make a meaningful comment (something besides "thanks for posting" or "hi") your name goes in the hat--it's like a lottery, the more you enter, the greater your chances to win.

Tell me about what you just read, what you hope to read...answer my question about how real you want characters to be.

anyhow, there you go :)

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