Saturday, July 14, 2012

Flashback Friday – Sister City

[Read on for two chances to win a prize!]

I hope y’all don’t mind how late I am – I’ve traveled from my New England hayfield to Honolulu, Hawaii where believe it or not I am working this week! To be frank, I don’t know what time it is back home, but here it is a little after 9 p.m. so here I am with a flashback to my Sister City stories (can you flash back to something that’s ongoing?).

Back before I ever attempted to write seriously, I kept a little notebook that I filled with notes, scenes, scraps of dialogue, and character sketches. Before long, a world and a family saga started to resolve itself via this notebook. Sister City is a post-industrial city with a thriving arts community (not unlike Providence, RI where I lived when I got going with this). There are huge ethnic populations, including French Canadian and Latinos, so my two families – the Cadorets and the Treviños – reflect that.

Now, years later, I still draw on that notebook for details about the Sister City world. My Paulo and Preston stories are set there, and so is the spinoff story “A Better Fate than Wisdom” which appeared in the Cherry on Top anthology.

Contest the first: Where did I get that title? (Random drawing from among correct answers; winner gets their choice of any two Sister City stories or a $3 Torquere gift certificate.)

My gutterpunk romances Catching Out (out of print) and Catching Christmas are also Sister City Stories. Other stories in the Sister City world include Haven, about a randy nurse and his ballet-dancer love, and Last Dance, which features Haven and Tadeo’s son Suyai finding his own happy way. There’s also the YA short Vade Mecum, which is about a lost boy of the Cadoret/Treviño clan finding his way home again.

In Vade Mecum, young Andy is retrieved from foster care by his aunt Corazón. Cori was the first Sister City character to emerge from my Sister City notebook, and she’s a hell of a gal, who’s had a serious Thing for Suyai (Haven and Tadeo’s son) for, just, ever.

I’d love to write more about her, which brings me to Contest the Second: How would readers respond to a story from me, so far primarily an m/m author, featuring a female bisexual protagonist? Answer in comments and be entered in a random drawing for your choice of two Sister City stories or a $3 Torquere Gift Certificate. You can comment twice to enter both contests, but if the winner of Contest the First is also the first drawn in Contest the Second I will redraw for the second prize.

Thanks for joining me, and I'll see you next time!
Lee xo


Donna said...

Enjoy Hawaii! As far as the idea of a bisexual protagonist, it sounds great to me. It would be a nice change from the regular fare.

Lee Benoit said...

Thanks, Donna! The symposium is hard work, but we're finding time to play as well. :) As for Cori, I'm glad to know there will be readers ready to give her a change! Cheers,
L xo

J.J. Massa said...

How sad is that what got my attention was you saying how late you are? LOL

Everything I do is late these days. I like the bisexual protagonist, too.

Lee Benoit said...

Better here late than not here at all, yeah? I've held off developing Corazon's story because I don't feel like I've had a lot of good role models for writing a respectful or authentic bi character -- but hopefully being bi and letting my imagination start from where I live and love will be a good way forward. Thanks for the encouragement!
L xo

Lee Benoit said...
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Lee Benoit said...

J.J. and Donna, as sole commenters, are the winners of the two prizes. Please let me know whether you would like Sister City stories (and which ones) or the gift certificate (and an email addy you'd like it sent to).

Lee xo

Lee Benoit said...

Donna, my email to you bounced back -- if you could contact me at leebenoit at charter dot net, that would be great!

L xo