Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Author Extra: Zero to 165 by AR Moler

Zero to 165 by AR Moler

Most of the time life bumps along pretty predictably, viruses and vacations,
Christmas and work issues, career and relationship choices. This is
certainly true for part time Division P operatives Mason Flynn and Cameron
Bradshaw. Mason is a doctor and a healer. Cam is a Navy pilot and a finder.
Between building a life together and the stresses of managing both their
part time and full time careers, life is pretty full for both guys. But
sometimes, life throws a world-altering curve ball. Laws change. The past
reaches out into the present and drops a miraculous bomb. Psychic stresses
develop. People’s realities alter in unpredictable ways. But Mason and Cam
have each other even as their life grows in some very, very unexpected ways.

Mason and Cam first appeared in Hell Dogs Squadron and Seeking the Balance.

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Author Extra:

Cam grabbed a batch of laundry out of the dryer and shoved it into a basket.
He carried it into the bedroom and dumped it on the bed with the intention
of doing a quick fold job. A pair of jeans caught his eye, not because they
were his, but because of the odd repair job that had been done across the
knee. He picked them up. Diagonally across the knee the knee was a four to
five inch tear. Holding the edges of the rip together was a long series of
tiny … sutures? He was puzzling over the white material used to do the
stitches when Mason came into the bedroom.

“You look confused,” commented Mason.

“What the hell did you use to mend your jeans?”

“Dental floss.”

“Why?” Cam asked.

“Cause I couldn’t find any thread.” Mason gave him grin.

Cam rolled his eyes.

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