Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Author Extra: The Ruby by Amelia June

The Ruby by Amelia June

Daniel is a psychologist on vacation, damn it. When he meets the sexy but
shady Hawk in the resort's bar, he is brave enough to accompany the man back
to his room. One impulsive decision later, he's embroiled in a tale of
intrigue, treasure hunting, and adventure. What happened to relaxing on the

A massive stolen ruby, mysterious gunmen lurking in the shadows, and a
gorgeous rogue push Daniel past all his comfort zones. Will Daniel and Hawk
find the pirate's treasure? More importantly, will Daniel get out of this
crazed vacation alive?

Find out today:

Author Extra: 

Author confession: Daniel is a lot like me. I’m the awkward one, looking for
nothing more exciting than a sunburn on vacation. If Hawk approached me with
the promise of adventure and more, I’d probably run the other way! Daniel is
far braver than I am in The Ruby, and I’m still pretty impressed that he
went for it. After all, what’s life without a little risk?

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