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Author Extra: Forever May Not Be Enough by Mychael Black and Shayne Carmichael

Forever May Not Be Enough by Mychael Black and Shayne Carmichael

Mael Black, vampire prince of London, and his vampire-hunting angel, Cian,
are back in their third and final book!

An ancient force has awakened and is hellbent on nothing short of the total
destruction of the Romanorum. Mael and Cian are thrust into the middle of
things, and it's ultimately on their shoulders to save the Romanorum itself.
In the meantime, they've got their hands full with bringing a new son into
their family, and Mael's father trying to force Mael to denounce his
relationship with Cian.

Betrayals and violent court intrigue set the stage for what promises to be
an epic end to Mael and Cian's story. But it's only the beginning for

Find the beginning of Mael and Cian's story in The Prince's Angel and And
the Two Shall Become One. 

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Author Extra:

Deleted scene that takes place right before the opening scene of the book:

Dio had long dismissed most of his court from his presence. None of them
were necessary for the discussion to come. He would have to become forceful
with them soon enough, once everything came out. As he stood and stepped
into the shadows, he weaved a spell to make sure none would feel his
absence. A few seconds later, he emerged from the darkness into Mael Black’s
conference room. He hadn’t explained to the Prince why he needed to use the
room or why so much secrecy was involved, but he eventually would.

A few more moments passed before a pocket of shadows formed near the closed
door. When they faded, three men stood before Dio. One of them stepped
forward and removed the steel mask covering half his face.

“Good evening, Father.”

“Hello, Triarius. I’ve made sure no one can enter, and no one else can sense
any of us here. So you can speak your mind freely.” Dio relaxed in the chair
at the head of the table and reached for the decanter of wine near him.

Triarius glanced back at the men with him. “You know Apollonius,” he said.
“I’d like you to meet our lover, Lance Shaw.” Apollonius bowed slightly,
though he remained silent.

Lance stepped up beside Triarius and smiled. “It’s nice to finally meet you.
I’ve heard a lot about you.”

As he poured glasses for them, Dio gestured for them to sit. “Nice to meet
you as well, Lance. And, Apollonius, you can relax. Nobody is going to bite
my son,” he said with a smile.

Apollonius chuckled softly. “Habit.” He sat down, as did Triarius and Lance.

Triarius set his mask on the table and studied it before looking up at Dio.
“There are many things I wish to say, though I don’t know where to start
anymore. Aldrich…was a learning experience, one I wish I’d never made.
What’s done is done, however, and I pray that we are indeed welcome back
within the Romanorum halls.”

“There’s nothing you need to say. I'd be lying if I said it wasn’t something
I devotedly wished for, Triarius, but you had to come to your own decision.
I am more than happy you did.”

“There is something else,” Triarius said quietly, staring down into the
glass of wine before him. “Something that came to my attention before
Aldrich died. It affects us both, and one within Mael Black’s court.”

“And what is that?”

“Black’s court magician has a companion, Brandon Davies.” Triarius met Dio’s
gaze. “Brandon is my grandson.”

“So Aldrich did have a son. That’s not surprising. Since Black would never
take in a rogue who has killed, then obviously Brandon is clean. Does the
boy know who he is?”

“Aldrich created Brandon for a rogue’s purpose, but Brandon has no idea who
his father is. Is he…well? I know nothing beyond his relationship with

"He is," Dio said. “Do you plan to claim the boy and take him? You might
meet with stiff resistance, child, though there is the matter of the
training due to him. He has the right to his place, no matter who his Father

“No. I can’t go through it again.” Triarius leaned back in his seat and one
of Lance’s arms slipped around his shoulders. “Nor would I take him from
Cornelius. While I know he is entitled to proper training, I don’t wish to
overstep his adopted father’s bounds.”

“Most likely the wisest choice, Triarius. Brandon and Cornelius will make
their own decisions, and I’ll remain out of it.” It was never easy for Dio
to do, but he’d learned the wisdom of forcing himself to stay out of things.
"As for allowing your vampires to be taken into the Romanorum, I foresee
considerable opposition, but I’m prepared to silence it. Completely.”

“Thank you. I know the cost to you is great should it come to that, and I
pray it does not. I’m not the same person I was when I left your side,
Father. That I promise you.”

“None outside of the Romanorum will ever know of the existence of the
Inferi. I can’t risk the reactions from the mortals should they ever find
out. Make sure everyone knows that, Triarius. I can allow a certain leeway
to any who don’t want to be in the Romanorum, but the moment they risk what
I‘ve built, they will be killed.” Dio doubted if all the members wanted to
follow along with Triarius.

“I know. Those who sided with Aldrich have been hunted down and destroyed.
While there are some who do not wish to return to Rome, I do not believe
they will cause any problems. My physician Victoria and her daughter Marie
stayed behind in Wales to maintain the keep, and I trust them both

“You won’t be staying in Wales, child?” Dio had believed his son would
prefer to remain in Wales, and it was hard to hide his pleasure at the
thought of Triarius wanting to stay in Rome with him. The thought hadn’t
occurred at all to him until now.

“I’d hoped that maybe Apollonius, Lance, and myself could return to Rome.”
Triarius looked down and traced the edge of his mask. “I miss it,” he said
quietly. “I miss you.”

“You will always be welcome in my home. All of you.” There would be time for
the two of them to repair things between them, and Dio greatly looked
forward to it. He’d spent the last several centuries praying for his son’s
return, and never quite believed it would ever happen. “In the meantime, I
want Apollonius to get the word out to the others in the Inferi. They are
free to make their own choices. As long as they don’t endanger the
Romanorum, they will be left alone. Death will be dealt to those who will
not agree.”

“As you wish,” Apollonius said with a nod.

Triarius touched his face absently, brow furrowed. “I’d hoped to blend in
seamlessly at one point, but I don’t think that will ever happen.”

“Why ever not? The others no longer blink when they see Joshua, and you must
admit, he was a harder sell than you are.” The boy had been turned when he
was a child. Normally, it would be a death sentence to both the creator and
created, but Dio had stepped in. The Prince of San Diego and his ghoul had
intervened on the child’s behalf, then notified Dio about the situation. It
was a decision he didn't regret in the least. He couldn't imagine life
without his Joshua.

Triarius actually laughed. “Point taken. I suppose it’s more my issue than
anyone else’s, though Lance and Apollonius have been working hard to
convince me there is no issue at all.”

“As soon as the furor dies down, it will be as if you never left. Though
hopefully we will have a greater understanding of each other,” Dio teased.

Triarius smiled. “I believe we already do.”

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