Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Almost bed time

Hey y'all!

I almost forgot, huh?

What should I ramble about today?

Top ten things I researched today

The tensile strength of human hair

what the heck my basset hound was smelling all the way across the street

What kind of stains certain bodily fluids leave on leather

What year was the Eisenberg mark on the earrings I found in my drawer. (1945-1958)

What kind of animals live in the Everglades

What the heck is that thing on my arm (an allergy hive. ew)

how quickly does dehydration affect your electrical brain impulses

How big of a piece of felt do I need to cover that little pillow

why on earth does grapefruit see oil have antibiotic properties

how do you make cauliflower mac and cheese

Now you tell me which one is actually for use in my next TQ release!




Kristi P said...

I vote the Eisenberg mark on the earrings!

But the smell the basset found was a close second. XD

Liz Brooks said...

I'm gonna go for the dehydration thing. But I want to know about cauliflower mac & cheese! Recipes/links?

Donna said...

I vote for animals in the Everglades because it is my sincere hope that you are looking up something for a story rather than planning a visit there for this time of year! Plus, I can think of all kinds of paranormal fun and kinky stuff that could happen with the creatures of the Everglades.