Wednesday, June 6, 2012

New Releases for June 6

Fool's Gold by Mychael Black

Ian Bowers is a pirate captain rotting in a filthy prison when a mysterious young man shows up to break him out. Silas Christian is the son of Ian's former captain and Ian finds himself leading an expedition to find his late captain's treasure trove. Along the way, Ian and Silas embark on a tryst that turns into something more as time passes. When Ian tries to settle down, however, he grows restless. Can Silas compete with the lure of the sea?

Originally published in Galleons and Gangplanks.

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Of Boats and Blue Beards by Willa Okati

Kit, cheated of his inheritance by a greedy uncle and bereft of his lover by the cold, cruel sea, has decided to change his life -- for keeps. Impulse carries him on board a ship to seek either fortune or the due end of fatalism. Accidentally caught in the same net is Paul, a close friend of Kit's past lover, who sees it as his duty to keep an eye out for Kit now. Open waters and the surprise of being cared for sparks the beginnings of a love affair between the two, and Kit's broken heart begins to mend. But the captain of the ship they sail on has taken a fancy to Kit's pretty face, and means to have him at any cost -- and the cost of being Bluebeard's lover is far too high to pay. Unless Kit -- and Paul -- escape him first.

Originally published in Galleons and Gangplanks

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Touch and Trust, a Velvet Glove story by Sean Michael

Sampson is too tall to be anything but awkward outside, but in the Velvet Glove he shines, confident in his ability as a top. When he meets Alain, it breaks Sampson's heart. Alain has been without a top, and any kind of touch, for too long. Can Sampson prove himself and win Alain's heart?

Originally published on The Turn of the Screw, and in the print book Velvet Glove, Volume 2

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Disciplinary Measures by Mychael Black

Dennis Grant works for a prestigious insurance agency, headed by the enigmatic and utterly hot Roland Forbes. When Dennis shows up late for work, his nipples sore from a night of solitary but delicious abuse, the last thing he needs is to run into Forbes.

Originally published in Toy Box: Nipple Clamps

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Going Steady by Vic Winter

Magician Bug has a bit of a problem. Whenever he's nervous or distracted he has a tendency of  having magical accidents, some minor, some dangerous. So far it's driven potential boyfriends away. Danny's different, though; he doesn't make Bug so nervous for a start, and he hasn't been upset about any of the minor accidents Bug's had when they're together. All Bug needs now, is for Danny to meet his pet gargoyle Sedgewick.

Will Danny and Sedgewick get along? And if they do, will Bug be able to keep his magic under control long enough to convince Danny to take a chance on him?

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