Wednesday, June 27, 2012

New Releases for June 27

Take it Slow by AKM Miles

When Daniel Webster returns to Nashville after two years of hell, he doesn’t go back to his dad’s house. After an amazing rescue he ends up at Mama Sasy’s diner and finds out that it’s a safe place for young gay guys in trouble. He certainly fits that bill.

Daniel has problems mentally and physically after all he’s been through, and it’s going to take a lot to get him back to any form of normal. He finds a great ally in Benny Adams and they begin a relationship. He’s so thankful for Benny, but why can’t he embrace Mama Sasy and her group of happy helpers who throw love at him left and right? Maybe because she’s so close to his dad, the one Daniel ran away from two years ago because he was so cruel upon hearing that Daniel thought he was gay. Benny makes him believe in love, and the broad spectrum of characters at Mama Sasy’s eventually make their way into his heart. As time moves forward, Daniel gets an idea about what he wants to do with his life. Benny helps him and they set forth a bold plan.  It’s gonna get better, but he’s got to get them all to understand that he needs to take it slow.

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The Kaiser Account by Louise Blaydon

It's 1965. Evan Jones is an account manager for a major advertising company in New York City, engaged to the boss's daughter in a half-hearted sort of way and gradually making his way up into the highest ranks of the company, and into the boss's favor. The Kaiser Motors account is one they've been angling at for years, and Evan has absolutely no intention of letting it slip through his fingers.

But the man from Kaiser, Mark O'Brien, is not what Evan is used to dealing with, and, moreover, is someone who hits him right where it hurts: in the long repressed part of him that prefers men and is ashamed to admit it. When it comes to O'Brien, 'going to any length' has a whole new meaning, because O'Brien wants Evan – and worse still, Evan wants him back. O'Brien, in the space of a night, shows him something more than the staid life is possible. Can Evan take the risk and close the deal?

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What Evil Lurks in the Hearts of Men by Mychael Black

Detectives Jonah and Riley Pierce are back in another case for Arcanum, the US government's paranormal police agency. This time, however, they're headed to Berlin when a series of murders points to the enigmatic leader of a research institute. Things turn personal very quickly, though, and they find themselves in a race to stop a psychopathic mortal hellbent on finding the daywalker gene.

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Down on the Farm by DC Juris

Alastair Luna has come to Cherry Grove, Pennsylvania to immerse himself in country living as research for his next book. Cherry Grove is a far cry from the hustle and bustle of New York City, but Alastair discovers that some things, like attraction and lust, are universal.

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Necessary Roughness by Beth Wylde

When Lynette's worst fear comes true and her girlfriend loses her job because of discrimination, she's forced to step back and take a harsh look at her own prejudice. As a full figured, bi-racial lesbian she has faced bigotry all her life. The fact that she hasn't been willing to try and understand Trisha's penchant for BDSM has her angry at herself and willing to do whatever it takes to make the oversight up to her partner. Even if it includes a little necessary roughness.

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