Wednesday, June 20, 2012

New Releases for June 20

A Sky Full of Wings by M. Raiya

You're invited to a dragon's wedding!

That's right! Varian and Josh from the Notice series are getting married! There will be swooning (not by whom you'd expect) and wings (not on whom you'd expect) and champagne, roses and rainbows. Warning: there will also be mysterious prophecies, swords, and uninvited guests from the distant past. And the grooms will get a wedding gift beyond their wildest dreams.

Find Varian and Josh in Notice, and in Nice: The Dragon and the Mistletoe.

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The Dragon's Muse by ID Locke

Gunari, a half-dragon, has trained hard to become Guardian to a Muse. He’s stunned, thrilled and a little puzzled when he’s assigned the Guardianship of Misu, a demi-Muse, well before expected. He’s never heard of a demi-Muse and when told that Misu is male, he’s even more confused as a Muse is always female.

Meeting Misu is an eye-opening experience for Gunari. The attraction Gunari feels toward Misu is instant and whole-heartedly returned. Misu is also more than just the oddity of a male Muse. He is a male-identifying hermaphrodite and his area of ideas and influence is erotica. Misu develops and shares his gift with his chosen human through sexual acts and Gunari is more than happy to help Misu do his job, reveling in encounters that span heavy BDSM scenes to sweet, gentle loving. Misu knows Gunari is the man Fate selected for him before either of them were even born and hopes that with time, Gunari will come to realize that, too.

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A is for Andy, a Hammer story by Sean Michael

Police Officer 'A' is at the Hammer Club for an evening of relaxation after a hard week when he runs into veterinarian Andy. Unlike any sub he's ever met, Andy intrigues A and he happily accepts an invitation to the man's home. Will A and Andy find something together, or will they just feed the animals and call it a night?

Find out today!

Fair Puckled by Bella Leone

When Jackson Stuart accompanies a professor on a research trip to Scotland for the Highland Games, he is thrilled to see the majestic country he has only ever read about in books. The one thing his books haven't prepared him for is the stunning ginger warrior who wants to welcome Jackson to Scotland in the very best way. When he gets a true taste of the warrior, he may never go home to Boston.

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