Monday, June 18, 2012

Meme Monday: Pet Peeves

Okay y'all so I've had one of those days today...mailman broke the mailbox and then complains that I didn't fix it fast enough, truck payment sent from bank has been lost in neverland of electronic payments and they are trying to charge me late fees and the day is only half over. calling several people today to deal with issues one of my pet peeves has been pointed out to me....

When I call and sit through forever of an automated system of push this and say this I still end up with someone that can't speak and/or understand basic english.  I am farthest from having issues with people for race or ethnicity however if I have to deal with this god awful computer system for 15 minutes to finally talk to a real person and then get someone who tells me they are in India and can't help me....OMG really???

So...what is y'alls pet peeve?

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Kristi P said...

Rudeness...there really is not excuse. Even if it takes me extra effort that day, I can still choose to be polite. I really don't think it's too hard for anyone else either. Maybe that's just because I was raised that way.

PS Hope your day got better!