Monday, June 11, 2012

Howdy from Texas!

Hey, y'all!

I'm on a Texas happy right now. We got to go up to Dallas this past weekend and a) go to BA's daddy's ranch, and b) got to go to Cowboy stadium and see Tim McGraw and Kenny Chesney. All in all, it made me happy to be here in Texas where I can drive a few hours up the road and go from the hardcore country to the big city and still see country music and cowboys...

Some observations on the weekend -

Once a flailing pitbull, always a flailing pitbull. Our former foster dog, Kissy is a happy girl. She still jumps and scratches the heck out of us, though.

Horses don't really care unless you have carrots. Or a flailing pitbull. They do love Kissy

Fire ants still suck

When you have deep country internet and it goes out, they try to screw you.

Asking for one king bed gets you a hotel room way faster than two queens

Cowboy Stadium is gigundous

Tim McGraw is still the sexiest man in the universe, and he looks so good right now, y'all. God.

It's weird to be the only fans there to see Tim when everyone else is there to see Kenny Chesney

Kenny has great pecs

Boston's Pizza actually has decent gluten free pizza. This particular one had good cross-contamination training, as well

never leave Arlington and head for Austin without eating. There's dick-all out there until Hillsboro, which is just far enough to guarantee I will get horribly carsick

Watching Tim McGraw gives me ideas. Many, many ideas. Most of them dirty

Waves - what gave you a happy this weekend?



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buttononthetop said...

Sleep gave me my happy - I lazed in bed for a long time on Saturday. :) Luckily I had tons of good books to read and re-read. Good advice on the Arlington/Austin thing - in that vein, I will say that if you're coming into Denver on I-76 in the middle of the night, ALWAYS get gas in Sterling. :)

Glad you had such a fun trip! :D