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Author Extra: The Dragon's Muse by ID Locke

The Dragon's Muse by ID Locke

Gunari, a half-dragon, has trained hard to become Guardian to a Muse. He’s stunned, thrilled and a little puzzled when he’s assigned the Guardianship of Misu, a demi-Muse, well before expected. He’s never heard of a demi-Muse
and when told that Misu is male, he’s even more confused as a Muse is always female.

Meeting Misu is an eye-opening experience for Gunari. The attraction Gunari feels toward Misu is instant and whole-heartedly returned. Misu is also more than just the oddity of a male Muse. He is a male-identifying hermaphrodite and his area of ideas and influence is erotica. Misu develops and shares his gift with his chosen human through sexual acts and Gunari is more than happy to help Misu do his job, reveling in encounters that span heavy BDSM scenes to sweet, gentle loving. Misu knows Gunari is the man Fate selected for him
before either of them were even born and hopes that with time, Gunari will come to realize that, too.

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Author Extra:

The characters of Gunari and Misu followed a bit of a convoluted brain path that all started with a doll. I collect ball-jointed-dolls (BJD’s) and turn them into the characters from my stories. BJD’s are highly customizable
dolls made of resin and strung with elastic. They have all the major joints that a human does, can stand unaided and are typically anatomically correct. I currently own 18 and have plans for more.

I stumbled across a picture of a doll by a company called Obitsu, which is a slightly different type of BJD that has an internal skeleton instead of being strung with elastic. He was a limited edition and as soon as I saw him, I had to have him. I had no idea who he was character-wise and I have a strict rule about not buying dolls unless I know who they are, otherwise I’d be overrun by dolls (and extremely broke). However, this particular doll was very affordable so I caved embarrassingly fast and bought him.

Within a day or so of him arriving on my door step, I knew who he was and what he was and that started my search for his lover as all the dolls I have are couples. In my search, I was drawn back to a doll I’d really liked the first time I saw him (but had no idea who he might be). As I looked at him, his character jumped into being and I finally knew who he was and that he belonged with Misu. I got lucky and bought him second-hand and snapped up the leg and feet pieces to be modded to fit the doll to turn him into the half-dragon he needed to be. Once both dolls were in-house, their story crowded my head and demanded to be told. I complied and the result of that is The Dragon’s Muse.

The doll addiction is pretty strong and once you have one, it’s a very slippery slope to owning more and more. I find it especially difficult not to keep adding to my collection as my dolls are all physical representations of the characters that live in my head, which I find a very cool thing to have. In addition to writing stories about the characters, I also do photostories with my dolls, which amuses me greatly and is another creative outlet for me. Thankfully, not all characters demand to be shelled in resin, but there are a rather large number of them that have been shelled in doll form.

The characters that I currently have as dolls are:
Blind Desire storyline: Ryzel, Quinlin, Haniel, Aischylos & Darius
The Dragon’s Muse: Gunari & Misu
Balancing Karma: Moswen & Kijika
Enchanted Shadows: Sarojin, Jaiseki, Vuchel & Vashin
Dreaming Of The Void: Tyhlain & Dakvir
Sea Of Stars: Jolen & Kysmirhea

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