Tuesday, May 29, 2012

what a story decides to be

Hey y'all!

How did Memorial Day weekend treat you? It was good to me, but BA Tortuga has a terrible sunburn. Send lotion and healing vibes her way.

So, I was sitting here thinking about my Sip that comes out tomorrow. It's a western-ish contemporary called Digging a Hole. (Comment today and tonight I'll pick someone to win a free copy!)

Anyhoo, this is one of those stories where the title came first. This is not as rare as you might think in Chez BA and Julia. We often challenge each other to take a title and make something of it. In this case, I asked BA what I should call my Sip before I started writing it, and she said, "Duh. Digging a Hole"

I thought, oh, neat! What a perfect title for a werewolf tale. Y'all know I love dog/wolf behaviors in my shifter stories, so I was excited.

Then I started the story. This is how it starts:

"What are you doing, man?" Abel watched this crazy guy he'd never seen before toss dirt willy-nilly out of an ever-growing hole in the ground. The fact that the dirt was on Abel's property didn't make the situation any less crazy.

"Digging a hole. Are you blind?"


So I thought, look at that. A perfect werewolf thing, right? Until I wrote the next lines:

The only thing that kept Abel from kicking the guy's ass, once he could drag the man out of the hole, of course, was that the man was cute. Real cute, in a cowboy sort of way. Abel liked cowboys, which was good, since he was one.

"No, sir. Not blind at all. In fact, I can see you right there, on my land, digging up a chunk of it. Want to know what I think about that?"

"Nope." The guy never even looked up. In fact, that hat tilted down so Abel couldn't see the feller's face no more.

"Well, I'm fixing to tell you." This had to be the weirdest day in a month of Sundays.

"You go on ahead and tell me. I'll just keep digging."

Abel blinked. "What are you, a mole?"

"Nope. Not a badger, either."

"Well, that's good. Those things bite."


Werebadgers? Heck no. These boys were cowboys. BA even approved. So, right then and there, the story decided to be a contemporary western.

I love that about my job. You go where the story takes you, and that's that.

Digging a Hole comes out tomorrow on www.torquerebooks.com

Have a good one, y'all





Anonymous said...

I'm so happy there's a new Talbot story!
Do you still have a monthly newsletter?


buttononthetop said...

Sounds wonderful! I do love me a cowboy. :) I also love it when a story takes you somewhere unexpected - thanks for the glimpse!

buttononthetop said...

Sounds wonderful! I do love me a cowboy. :) I also love it when a story takes you somewhere unexpected - thanks for the glimpse!

Kristi P said...

XD I can't wait. I'm already smiling at these two characters.

Thank you!

Donna said...

What a great start to a story!

On the sunburn, have you tried the vinegar remedy. I really don't know whether it works or if the victim just quits complaining because they don't want to smell like vinegar. lol


Julia said...

Congrats to Amy, who won a free copy! Send me your email at juliatalbot @ gmail.com and I'll send it on in the format of your choice!

Julia said...

Amy - I do, but it's been neglected since I moved. I'll get on it!

Julia said...

Buttononthetop - Thanks so much!

Julia said...

Kristi- Woo! Thanks hon

Julia said...

Donna - I haven't. I have tried iced tea and or oatmeal- ick