Wednesday, May 30, 2012

New Releases for May 30

Emerald Fire by A. Catherine Noon & Rachel Wilder

The harsh desert world of Persis has developed its own customs far from Old Earth. Keepers are cherished as caregivers and helpmeets to Hunters.  During Emerald Keeper Teeka’s first Contract with Senior Hunter Brant, disaster strikes. Brant is killed and Teeka is stranded, surrounded by strangers, and unsure of who to trust.  A dark and moody Hunter steps forward with an offer of partnership and protection.  Teeka wonders what motivates the scarred and solitary Senior Hunter Quill.

Both have hidden motives for agreeing, and both are suspicious of each other. But the Great Valley will force them to work together and build a trust born out of necessity and survival. Between the dangers of the harsh desert and the malice of a hidden enemy, Teeka and Quill must learn to believe in each other to find the truth.

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The Night Shift by Missouri Dalton

Two years of experience in the Night Shift and Fynn Adder still has a lot to learn -- before his newest case drives him back off the wagon. Recently he's been assigned a new partner, a trainee named Simon Murphy. In the middle of breaking in his new partner, a grisly murder rocks the foundation of Fynn's shaky sobriety. And not just any "regular" murder -- the murder of a child.

As more ritual killings start to spread out across the city, Fynn, Jack, and Simon scramble to track down the necromancer responsible and stop them before they complete whatever ritual they're performing. Meanwhile, Simon has to deal with the overly ambitious FBI Agent Gabriel Sheppard, whose dogged determination to put Simon's mob boss in prison is putting Simon at risk, and hindering Fynn's investigation. As if that wasn't enough, the king of the elves wants to have a sit down, Tara’s birthday is only a few days away, and it seems the family secrets just keep on coming. The tension and pressure just never seems to end for Fynn and his crew.

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Digging a Hole by Julia Talbot

When Abel Wainright finds some random cowboy digging a hole on his ranch, he's not sure whether to kiss the hottie or kick his ass for trespassing. He thinks Joshua might be a little crazy, but when he gets to know the man, he thinks he might just be the one who's losing it. Will either man find what he's looking for?

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Market Day, a Hammer story by Sean Michael

It's Market Day for Jim and Marcus, and Jim is feeling pretty frisky, wanting to play with his master just because he can. When a large latte sends him into an irritable funk, will Marcus be able to rescue the day and turn grumpy back into horny and, later, sated? Marcus and Jim feature prominently in The Hammer Series, in the novel Bent.

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Sally Bibrary said...

They all sound good, but Emerald Fire really has me curious!

A. Catherine Noon said...

Thanks, Sally! I'm really excited to hear that. I hope you enjoy it!