Wednesday, May 2, 2012

New Releases for May 2

Emerald: Protecting You, a Torquere Menage by Berengaria Brown

AJ has psychic abilities and knows that Drew is her soul mate. But bisexual Drew flits from partner to partner. At the moment he’s with Kristien, and Kristien is very much in love with Drew. AJ can’t bear the thought that the only way for her to achieve happiness is to break Kristien’s heart.

She invites them both to join her and her friends at the beach for a few days, hoping to get closer to Drew. A rocky wall calls to her, and when she climbs up she explores a cave and is led to three stones: an onyx, symbolizing herself, an emerald, the stone she considers to represent Drew, and amber, which is Kristien’s stone. What does it all mean?

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The Misadventures of Daniel and Zane, a Velvet Glove story by Sean Michael

Daniel seems spoiled and bratty, but what he needs is a firm hand. Zane has been watching Daniel for a long time, and he thinks he knows just what to do. He takes Daniel on, but can he prove that he can see what Daniel needs? Or will Daniel's acting out prove to be even more than Zane can handle?

Originally published on the Turn of the Screw serial service and in the print volume Velvet Glove, Volume II

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Leave Your Worries Behind by Winnie Jerome

Nathan's annoying life perks up after friends Cory and Zach conspire to drag him into bed. However, the fling is about to draw to an end because vanilla Nathan doesn't see the appeal of kinky play. Will Nathan take the plunge or will he ignore his newfound feelings for Zach?

Originally published in Toy Box: Shaving.

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The Retreat, a Roughstock story by BA Tortuga

When Coke finally gets to invite his lover Dillon to the annual bullfighter retreat, all manner of mischief is on the menu along with the barbecue. The guys have three days before all their families show up. Can they get enough team-building done in seventy-two hours?

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