Monday, May 28, 2012

Meme Monday: Memorial Day

What does Memorial Day symbolize for you?

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A. Catherine Noon said...

For me, Memorial Day is usually about the barbecue and family. In my household, it's the first opportunity of the year to use the grill and eat outside. This year, we made Cornish game hens and vegetables, but we didn't have folks over for a large party - just kept it small.

Some years I'm more contemplative than others; I have family and friends in the service both currently and retired or passed on, so it's a time to remember their sacrifices.

Thank you to all our service personnel serving here and overseas. While I may not always agree with the government's decisions on deployment, I appreciate the sacrifices you and your families make and I'm grateful for it. I'd like to say a special mention for my cousin who recently retired from the Air Force. Thanks!