Monday, May 7, 2012

Meme Monday: Hot Days

Not sure about where you are but in my neck of the woods it's been running in the low 90's every day.  That is too warm in my opinion and shows it is going to be a HOT summer.  

What is the best way to spend a hot day?


Tracy Faul said...

Inside, in the AC!!

Although I do like to load up the kids and head out to Jekyll Island. We like to visit the turtles in rehabilitation, and if we're in the ocean at high tide, we almost always see dolphins.

We like to eat frozen grapes & I'm experimenting w/ frozen watermelon balls. :D

Charlie Cochet said...

I'm not big on hot, which of course is funny considering I love somewhere where it's humid and ridiculously hot pretty much 365 days a year. A perfect day for me would be sitting in the shade with an icy glass of iced tea reading a book. If a pool is available, all the better! And there's nothing like taking a cozy afternoon nap in the AC after a nice long swim. *sigh*